What is a load switch IC?

What is a load switch IC?

The load switch IC is located between the power supply and the load. The ICs are used for power management to control the power supply to the load. Similar switches can be constructed with mechanical relays and semiconductors such as MOSFET, but load switch ICs can be miniaturized and consume less power.

What is active load switching?

1) Active load switching is a technique in which an active component (component capable of amplification and rectification) is used as a load in the circuit. Generally Mosfets are used.

What is discrete MOSFET?

A discrete MOSFET circuit contains several components to control the turnon and turnoff of a discrete power MOSFET. These circuits can be enabled or disabled by using a GPIO signal from a microcontroller.

What is a high side switch?

High-side load switches are highly integrated power switches used to connect and disconnect a power source from a load. Using a load switch instead of a regular MOSFET offers several features including simplified design, small footprint, and protection features.

What is the use of load switch?

1 What Are Load Switches? Integrated load switches are integrated electronic switches used to turn on and turn off power rails. Basic load switches consist of four pins: input voltage, output voltage, enable and ground.

Is a pressure switch considered a load?

6.3. A pressure switch is an air-electric signal changer. Load switches are applied to interact with a variation in pressure, and it will open or close an electrical switch when a preset pressure is attained.

Is a wire a load?

With the first device, the line is the wire running from the service panel to the device, and the load is the wire running from the first device to the second device downstream on the circuit. The load side is where the power leaves the device (or electrical box) and travels down the circuit.

Is a MOSFET a transistor?

Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET) is a kind of Field Effect Transistor (FET) that consists of three terminals – gate, source, and drain. The voltage that is applied across the gate controls how much current flows into the drain. MOSFETs are available in two types, “p-channel” and “n-channel”.

What is the high and low side of a switch?

The low-side switch is switching ground while the high-side switch is connecting the voltage supply. Generally in a circuit, you want to keep the ground connected and switch the power. However, if you are delivering power to an entire circuit or a voltage sensitive device, then you want to use a high-side switch.

When would you use a high side switch?

High-side switching is the preferred switching technique in situations where short circuits to ground are likelier to occur than short circuits to the positive power line. Think for instance of cars or machines where most of the structure or body is connected to ground.

How do I choose a load switch?

One of the key considerations in selecting a load switch is the voltage and current required for the application. The load switch must be able to support the DC voltage and current that is expected during steady state operation, as well as the transient voltages and peak currents.

What kind of circuit is a load switch?

A simple load switch typically consists of a MOSFET pass transistor that is controlled by a gate-driver circuit that level-shifts the input control signal to a value that will fully turn on the MOSFET, reducing the device’s ON resistance to its lowest possible level. (n-channel MOSFET circuit on the left, p-channel MOSFET circuit on the right).

How is a load switch like a relay?

A load switch is an electronic component that has no moving parts, which works somewhat like a relay. Generally, two MOSFET transistors act like a switching element, one of them being an N-channel device, and the other a P-channel device. Below we will cover when that switching element is either ON or OFF, and what that entails.

What are the pins in a load switch?

Integrated load switches from the TPS229xx family are integrated electronic relays used to turn on and off power rails. Most basic load switches consist of four pins: input voltage, output voltage, enable, and ground. Shown below is a block diagram of a basic load switch.

How does a high side load switch work?

High-side switches source current to a load, while low-side switches connect or disconnect the load to ground, thus sinking current from the load. The load switch circuits are active whenever the power is on and are thus designed to have low leakage currents.