What is a antonym for usurp?

What is a antonym for usurp?

usurp. Antonyms: receive, inherit, accept. Synonyms: seize, arrogate, appropriate, assume.

What is the meaning of usurper in English?

: one who usurps something: such as. a : one who seizes and holds office, power, position, etc., by force or without right …

What is the synonym of chivvy?

Frequently Asked Questions About chivy Some common synonyms of chivy are badger, bait, heckle, hector, and hound. While all these words mean “to harass by efforts to break down,” chivy suggests persecution by teasing or nagging.

What is the synonym of utter?

voice, express, put into words, speak, say, deliver, sound, mouth, breathe, articulate, pronounce, enunciate, verbalize, vocalize, state, declare.

Is Variative a word?

Meaning of “variative” in the English dictionary Variative is an adjective. The adjective is the word that accompanies the noun to determine or qualify it.

What is the opposite of chivvy?

Opposite of to nag or subject to verbal harassment. aid. discourage. help. ignore.

Is utter a positive word?

utter – utterly Utterly doesn’t go with excited because if you are excited about something that is normally a positive emotion and both utter and utterly (meaning complete/completely) have negative meanings and are used only in negative contexts: To say that we’ll be landing on Jupiter in 2010 is utter nonsense.

What is the synonym of haunted?

In this page you can discover 60 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for haunted, like: ghost-ridden, obsessed, worried, visited by, troubled, terrified, tormented, spirit-haunted, preyed upon, disturbed and ghosted.

What does unsurp mean?

Usurp means “to take and use a right which is not yours (especially, to take the throne from a rightful king.)”. It means to seize by force and without legal right.

What is the opposite of usurp?

Usurp antonyms – 94 Opposites of Usurp. forfeit. v. relinquish. v. surrender. v. acknowledge. v.

What is another word for usurper?

Synonyms for usurp. appropriate, arrogate, commandeer, convert, expropriate, pirate, preempt, press,