What is 3 2 way solenoid valve?

What is 3 2 way solenoid valve?

The 3/2-way pneumatic valve has three connection ports and two states. The three ports are: inlet (P, 1), outlet (A, 2) exhaust (R, 3)

What is a Skinner Valve?

Skinner valves control fluid media including air, inert gas, water, light oil, steam and hot water in wide range of industrial applications.

How does a Skinner Valve work?

Skinner three-way solenoid valves are ideally suited to control single-acting, spring return, pneumatic actuators and cylinders. To ensure proper system response, the valve orifice size, corresponding Cv flow factor and system pressure can be matched to the actuator to produce the desired opening and closing speeds.

How does a 12v solenoid valve work?

In the case of a normally closed (fail-safe closed) solenoid valve when 12 volts is applied the solenoid valve opens allowing flow. When the 12 volts are removed from the solenoid valve then the valve will automatically close and prevent flow along the pipe.