What ingredients are in Nilodor?

What ingredients are in Nilodor?

Chemical Composition/Ingredients

Amyl acetate 000628-63-7 1.0-5.0
Cinnamaldehyde 000104-55-2 5.0-10.0
Lemongrass oil 008007-02-1 0.5-1.5
Myrcene 000123-35-3 0.1-1.0
Methyl salicylate 000119-36-8 7.0-13.0

Does the SDS have to list hazardous ingredients?

Employers will be required to make sure that all hazardous products (as defined by the Hazardous Products Regulations have an up-to-date SDS when it enters the workplace. The SDSs must be readily available to the workers who are exposed to the hazardous product, and to the health and safety committee or representative.

What does Nilodor smell like?

I’ve kept a bottle of Nilodor in my house for many years. Really good stuff! Lovely menthol/peppermint smell, too. Great for when the kitchen bin is a bit on the nose, or when the large rubbish bin outside is starting to smell.

Is Nilodor toxic to cats?

Use Nilodor concentrated one-drop odor counteractant to effetively neutralize unwanted odors. One drop is enough to eliminate odors in a 30 cubic meter area for 24 hours, while leaving a light fresh scent. Nilodor’s special formula is non toxic and safe to use near people and pets.

Do you need SDS for hand sanitizer?

For manufacture and shipment of such products, a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is required. Therefore, UL has created an SDS specifically for both the ethanol-based and isopropanol-based WHO-recommended hand sanitizer formulas. For general inquiries, contact UL Materials & Supply Chain. …

Where should safety data sheets be kept?

SDSs must be stored in a location that all staff can access during work hours (not behind a locked door or on a password-protected device to which they do not have the password). SDSs must be stored in the work area (not far away or in another building).