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What happens in the mead-hall in Beowulf?

What happens in the mead-hall in Beowulf?

Hrothgar’s mead-hall also known as Heorot in the old english epic poem Beowulf, is a major setting during the commencement of the epic. The protagonist and antagonist begin their battle and Beowulf comes up victorious with ease. He presents the citizens of Heorot Grendel’s arm as triumph and celebrates once again.

Why did Beowulf fight Grendel with his bare hands?

In the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf, the protagonist Beowulf insists on battling Grendel with his bare hands, instead of using a weapon, because, he says, Grendel doesn’t use one. Beowulf sees using a weapon against a beast that uses no weapon as dishonorable. He will fight Grendel on equal terms.

Why are the people of Herot Danes so afraid of Grendel?

Grendel attacks because he is evil (spawn of Cain) and hates the happiness and noise of the men at the hall. He attacks killing 30 men, and then goes back the next night for more. The only way men can stay alive is to leave the hall.

What does the mead hall symbolize in Beowulf?

The mead-hall is the symbol of a society: it is in this central place that the people gather to feast, socialize, and listen to the scop (bard) perform and thereby preserve the history of the people. Heorot, as the largest mead-hall in the world, symbolized the might and power of the Spear-Danes under Hrothgar.

What did Beowulf’s father do to mend the feud?

Hrothgar sent treasure to the Wulfings to mend the feud, and Beowulf’s father pledged his allegiance to Hrothgar. Hrothgar then accepts Beowulf’s offer to fight Grendel, though he warns him that many heroes have died in the mead-hall trying to battle the monster. He invites the Geats to sit and enjoy a feast in Heorot with the Danish warriors.

Why did Wealhtheow offer Beowulf a goblet of Mead?

Wealhtheow, Hrothgar’s queen, offers Beowulf a goblet of mead, then offers it to the other warriors in turn. Beowulf’s boasting endears him to the Danes. Wealhtheow acts as a good queen, creating fellowship by sharing the mead-cup.

Why was Beowulf at Heorot in the first place?

Such a payment replaces the volley of violent retaliation with an exchange of obligation. Thus Beowulf is at Heorot both to avenge the death of so many Danes at the hands of Grendel and also to discharge his father’s debt to Hrothgar.