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What happens in the last episode of Mahabharat?

What happens in the last episode of Mahabharat?

Gandhari is upset on learning about Dhritarashtra. Shakuni calls King Subala a cheat and tries to cancel the wedding, but Gandhari stops him. In her room, Gandhari blows out all lamps, to learn to live in darkness. To support her to-be-husband, Gandhari takes a decision that shocks everyone. Gandhari takes an oath and blindfolds herself.

Which is the best way to watch Mahabharat?

Watch the epic that encompasses every complex and simple thing in the world- a story so vast and deep that it can wrap all experiences and produce the Hindu scriptures of Bhagvad Gita. Special 1 Mahabharat Theatrical – Introducing the central characters!

Who is the Prince of Hastinapur in Mahabharat?

At the palace, Shantanu announces Bhishma as the Prince of Hastinapur. Bhishma visits Satyavati to convince her to stay with Shantanu, but she asks Shantanu to choose between her and his son. Bhishma takes an oath that he will step down from the throne, so that Satyavati can stay with Shantanu.

What did Dhritarashtra do to Pandu in Mahabharat?

Dhritarashtra accuses Pandu of conspiring against him and taking over the throne. For Gandhari’s sake, Shakuni lays a plan for Dhritarashtra to take the throne from Pandu. Pandu informs Dhritarashtra that he has decided to make him advisor to the King. An enraged Dhritarashtra refuses to accept the post.

Which is the mother of all wars Mahabharat?

The mother of all wars, the epitome of all rivalries, the cauldron of emotions, insecurities, jealousies, and power play – Mahabharat!

Who is Shantanu’s son in Mahabharat season 1?

0 Error: please try again. The people of Hastinapur are attacked by Rakshasas. Bhishma comes to save the people. Later Shantanu comes to know from Ganga that Bhishma is his son and accepts him. S1, Ep2 17 Sep. 2013