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What happened to the Medway Eco Barge?

What happened to the Medway Eco Barge?

But the £80,000 scheme, called the Medway Eco-barge, ran into problems and their 100ft boat was left moored unfinished in the Thames estuary near Southend. It became a target for vandals and squatters and broke free from its moorings in 2011 before being found washed up on a beach.

What happened to the house boat on Grand Designs?

Kent’s disastrous and unfinished Grand Design which ended up being lived in by squatters. A Grand Designs episode based in Medway might rank as the most unsuccessful of all time. The house boat that was supposed to be a family home eventually ended up washed up and vandalised on a beach in Essex.

Did Robert and Milla finish their house Grand Designs?

Thankfully the home had a happy ending, as it was purchased by Yvonne Malley, who had previously donated cash to save the build five year before when the credit crunch left Robert with a half-finish home. Now it has been renovated and is run as a luxury guest house boasting glowing reviews on TripAdvisor.

Where is Grand Designs Gothic house?

London graveyard
‘Grand Designs’ £4.5m ‘goth house’ built in London graveyard has viewers in awe. A £4.5m ‘Gothic’ house built in the grounds of a Victorian graveyard and featured on Grand Designs is causing quite the buzz on social media.

Did the floating house on the Thames work?

Work has completed on the UK’s “first amphibious house” by Baca Architects, which rises in its dock-like foundations to avoid flood water (+ slideshow). The house was nearing the end of its construction in late 2014, but it is now complete and has been float tested.

Where does Kevin McCloud live?

McCloud lived in Frome in Somerset, with his wife Suzanna McCloud. They have two children together, Milo and Elsie. McCloud also has two children from previous relationships, Hugo and Grace. He separated from Suzanna McCloud after 23 years together in December 2019.

Did they ever finish the lighthouse on Grand Designs?

The most dramatic: a still-unfinished clifftop home Certainly the series’ most memorable project, Edward and Hazel Short decided to knock down their family home on a North Devon clifftop and replace it with a modernist rock star lighthouse.

Who was the actor in the movie houseboat?

Houseboat (1958) – Movie. Cary Grant scored still another box-office smash with his 1958 vehicle Houseboat. Grant plays a widowed father who packs himself and his spoiled kiddies off to a ramshackle houseboat.

What was the theme song to the movie houseboat?

(The Watergate barge is not to be confused with the Watergate complex.) The film was nominated for two Academy Awards: one for Best Original Song for “Almost in Your Arms (Love Song from Houseboat )”, and the other for Best Original Screenplay. Harry Guardino was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Who is Cinzia in the movie houseboat?

Tom Winters, a widower, is trying to understand and raise three precocious children alone. He gets a little unexpected help from Cinzia, when the children decide she is be the new maid. She is actually an Italian socialite who is trying to get away from her overprotective father.

How old was Cary Grant in the movie houseboat?

Did You Know? Cary Grant was 54 when he made this film. His romantic lead, Sophia Loren, was 24. See more » When Tom comes outside after hurriedly dressing to discover the houseboat has broken loose, his shirt is unbuttoned to his waist. In the following shot a split-second later his shirt is completely buttoned all the way up to his collar.