What happened to the cat in the long goodbye?

What happened to the cat in the long goodbye?

Scratchet opens the movie, mewing for food from his sleeping master, private eye Philip Marlowe (Elliott Gould). Marlowe tries to pass off some other, inferior, food, but his pet isn’t desperate enough to eat it. Instead, the cat takes off, in a departure both dramatic and understated, and we never see him again.

What is the movie The Long Goodbye about?

Private detective Philip Marlowe (Elliott Gould) is asked by his old buddy Terry Lennox (Jim Bouton) for a ride to Mexico. He obliges, and when he gets back to Los Angeles is questioned by police about the death of Terry’s wife. Marlowe remains a suspect until it’s reported that Terry has committed suicide in Mexico. Marlowe doesn’t buy it but takes a new case from a beautiful blond, Eileen Wade (Nina van Pallandt), who coincidentally has a past with Terry.
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Who Killed Mrs Lennox?

Eileen Wade leaves with no response. The next morning, Marlowe learns that she has killed herself, overdosing on sleeping pills, leaving a note describing the affair Mrs. Lennox was having with her husband and confessing to killing them both.

What car did Elliott Gould Drive in The Long Goodbye?

1948 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet
Marlowe’s car was a 1948 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet that belonged to Elliott Gould.

Did Elliott Gould smoke?

“Of course I smoked marijuana. I don’t do that now, because I’m centred and balanced and I don’t want to alter that.” As for “mind-expanding drugs” – mescaline, psilocybin, acid – Gould says: “I had some experience with that and did some work behind it.” He remembers telling Bergman (then in his 50s) about it.

What was the plot of the Long Goodbye?

Certainly the plot of “The Long Goodbye” is a labyrinth not easily negotiated. Chandler’s 1953 novel leads Marlowe into a web of deception so complex you could call it arbitrary. The book is not about a story but about the code of a private eye in a corrupt world. It is all about mood, personal style, and language.

Who is the director of the Long Goodbye?

Robert Altman’s “The Long Goodbye” (1973) attacks film noir with three of his most cherished tools: Whimsy, spontaneity and narrative perversity. He is always the most youthful of directors, and here he gives us the youngest of Philip Marlowes, the private eye as a Hardy boy.

Who is Philip Marlowe in the Long Goodbye?

Private investigator Philip Marlowe helps a friend out of a jam, but in doing so gets implicated in his wife’s murder. In the middle of the night, private eye Philip Marlowe drives his friend Terry Lennox to the Mexican border. When Marlowe returns home police are waiting for him and learns that Terry’s wife Sylvia has been killed.

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