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What happened to Silas Blissett Hollyoaks?

What happened to Silas Blissett Hollyoaks?

He accidentally murders Heidi after mistaking her for Lynsey, before being arrested for his crimes. Silas left Hollyoaks on 4 November 2011, but returned for a guest stint on 19 July 2012, in an attempt to murder Texas again, but once again, refrains….

Silas Blissett
Occupation Journalist Barman

Is PC Kiss working with Silas?

HOLLYOAKS viewers are convinced PC Kiss is serial killer Silas’s secret son and the two are working together to blackmail the McQueens. Wednesday night’s episode dropped a huge shock on fans with the return of the misogynistic murderer, played by actor Jeff Rawle. “PC Kiss is Silas son!

What did Silas send Bobby?

In a post-credits sequence, Silas called Bobby on the phone to admit that while they likely wouldn’t ever see each other again, he’d be sending him something of use — a chess app! Hollyoaks currently airs new episodes from Mondays to Thursdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

Who is Silas working with Hollyoaks?

Seth is now working with Silas to extort money from the McQueen family and is perfectly placed to do so, as he’s now dating Theresa.

Is Silas in Hollyoaks dead?

Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) made his final appearance in Hollyoaks tonight (January 6), after he was nearly killed by Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter).

Is PC kiss leaving Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks star Callum Kerr has confirmed PC George Kiss’ departure from the show, in an exclusive exit interview with Digital Spy. George’s disturbing storyline finally came to an end in Thursday’s E4 first look episode (April 22), as he was murdered by a mystery culprit outside The Dog In The Pond.

How is Silas related to Bobby?

In January 2021, when his family is being blackmailed, Bobby is taken from the airport by his serial killer grandfather, Silas Blissett, Who is out to get Mercedes.

Does Silas take Bobby?

Do Amara and Silas end up together?

Due to the circumstances, the relationship between Silas and Amara was kept in secret. Silas convinced her to create a potion, for them to drink on their wedding day. That way they could be immortal and live together, forever.

How did Silas Blissett get out of Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks has aired a shock exit for serial killer Silas Blissett. Silas (Jeff Rawle) has played the endgame of his blackmail plot against the McQueens this week, having nabbed great-grandson Bobby at the airport in order to force a meeting with Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe).

Who is Silas secret accomplice in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks fans will get closer to the truth about Silas Blissett’s secret accomplice over the festive season. Silas (Jeff Rawle) reappeared in the village in Hollyoaks ‘ 25th anniversary episode in October as viewers discovered that was the mystery culprit who had been blackmailing the McQueen family.

Why was Silas in the blackmailing doll in Hollyoaks?

However, while Silas’ comeback tied up one mystery, there have been subsequent hints that the story hadn’t yet been fully resolved. That’s because Silas was seen exchanging texts and phone calls with another unknown person, who is seemingly the inspiration behind the creepy blackmailing doll.