What happened to Jordan Johnson in Eastenders?

What happened to Jordan Johnson in Eastenders?

He also finds out that his son Jordan died from a heroin overdose. After been persuaded by Patrick and Jack, Denise later agrees to let Jack rent one of his flats in the square out to Lucas.

What did Lucas Johnson do to Jordan?

When he had a son with a fellow drug addict, Trina, he named the boy Jordan and removed the boy from his mother’s harmful influence. But when Trina followed the pair to Walford, Lucas did his utmost to keep her away from Jordan. He accidentally killed her and hid her body.

Who put Jordan in a coma in Eastenders?

Lucas taunted Phil, and told him: “You last little boy went to prison for putting my son in a coma with a fractured skull.” He was referring to the infamous 2010 moment Ben Mitchell turned on bully Jordan, who is Lucas’ son.

What did Ben Mitchell do to Jordan?

Questioned as to why he hurt Louise, Ben claims that Jordan is bullying him. Phil advises Ben to fight back; soon after, Ben attacks Jordan with a spanner, leaving him with a fractured skull.

Is Jordan Johnson from EastEnders dead?

It has been confirmed that Lucas Johnson’s son Jordan is dead. During a chat with Denise, Lucas revealed his child had passed away after a heroin overdose. He said: “Jordan’s dead. It was drugs, a heroin overdose.

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Is Jordan in EastEnders dead?

Is Jordan Denise son?

Eventually, Denise discovers that it is Jordan, and he has been involved in a knife attack and has been released on bail. When Denise returns to Walford, she has brought Jordan back as well and it is revealed that he has a son, JJ Johnson.

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Who is Jordan Johnson from EastEnders related to?

Jordan Johnson was the son Lucas Johnson and Trina Johnson, and paternal half-brother of Chelsea Fox . Jordan was named after Lucas’ deceased best friend, Jordan. Jordan first appeared on 23 March 2008, when his father introduced him to his old fling and mother of his daughter, Denise Fox.

When did Lucas Johnson first appear in EastEnders?

For the artist, see Lucas Johnson (artist). Lucas Johnson is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Don Gilet. He made his first on-screen appearance on 3 April 2008.

Who was the killer in EastEnders Last Night?

On EastEnders Christmas Day, killer Lucas Johnson and his daughter Chelsea Fox returned to Walford. In last night’s episode of the BBC soap (Tuesday, December 29) Lucas was confronted by Phil Mitchell, who warned him to keep away from Denise.

How did Jordan get out of jail in EastEnders?

Almost five years later, Denise receives a visit from the police, who say someone in custody has been arrested and given her address as theirs. Eventually, Denise discovers that it is Jordan, and he has been involved in a knife attack and has been released on bail.