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What happened to Jared Dines?

What happened to Jared Dines?

He left the project in 2019 to focus on his group Daddy Rock. Dines was also a member of metalcore band Dissimulator. In 2018, Dines toured with heavy metal band Trivium. He partly replaced frontman Matt Heafy, who had to quit the tour prematurely.

What religion is Jared Dines?

Jared Dines is a Christian but not the shove the Bible to your face kind of Christian which I am right now.

Where was Jared Dines born?

Seattle, Washington, United States
Jared Dines/Place of birth

What band does Jared Dines play for?

Rest, Repose
Jared Dines is an American YouTube musician who is also formerly the drummer and then rhythm guitarist for the band Rest, Repose. He is currently both a solo musician and the guitarist for the heavy metal band Daddy Rock.

Was Jared Dines in Trivium?

YouTube sensation Jared Dines has joined forces with Trivium main man Matt Heafy for the Dines x Heafy EP, which is available today on all streaming platforms. The five-track melodic metal EP sees Dines handle guitars, bass and drums in Washington, while Heafy tracked vocals and select guitar solos in Florida.

How old is Stevie T?

About 34 years (1987)
Stevie T./Age
Steven Roger Terreberry (born September 30, 1987), also known as Stevie T, is a Canadian YouTuber and musician.

How does Jared Dines know Matt Heafy?

Dines who is well known as a content creator and musician on YouTube grew up listening to Trivium who Heafy fronts. They first came together via a fan request on Dines channel for he and Heafy to do a shred competition. Heafy brought Jared on the road to help with some digital media content and to just hang out.

Does Stevie T have a gf?

SteveTerreberry on Instagram: “I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Marnie Quinn! #steviet #steveterreberry #girlfriend #nipslip #wardrobemalfunction”

What guitars does Stevie T use?


  • Kiesel AM7 (Aries Multi-scale) This video shows Stevie demoing his Kiesel AM7.
  • Carvin SCB6 Kiesel Single Cutaway Bevel-Top. At 1.14 Stevie can clearly be seen brandishing his SCB6.
  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang Electric Guitar. Here Stevie is using his Peavey Wolfgang.
  • Carvin TL70.

Did Stevie T actually buy a house?

A guitarist on YouTube called “Stevie T” got a house and did a house tour were on his counter is a betta in a vase. Even though he just bought a mansion.

Is Stevie T self taught?

So he studied the guitar gods he looked up to and with a combination of riffs / hooks and scale patterns learned from these virtuosos, Terreberry developed his own style. He is what you would call a “self-taught” musician.

How old is SteveTerreberry?

33 years (30 September 1987)
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