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What happened to Arthur George socks?

What happened to Arthur George socks?

Sadly, as of this Wednesday, that seems to be coming to an end: According to the Blast, Kardashian’s recent financial strife has forced him to sell half of his sock company, Arthur George, to his mother, Kris Jenner. (Adding insult to injury, he’s reportedly also had to move in with her.)

How does Rob Kardashian make his money?

Celebrity Net Worth calculated Rob’s net worth at $10 million, the bulk of which comes from his appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Rob & Chyna on E!

What company does Rob Kardashian own?

Arthur George Socks | Fun Mens, Womens, Kids Socks by Rob Kardashian.

What are Rob Kardashian’s businesses?

Rob stays mostly out of the spotlight, but he’s raking in profits from his handful of companies, including Grandeza hot sauce, sock company Arthur George and clothing brand Halfway Dead. In addition, Rob has appeared on his family’s E! reality show off-and-on since 2007.

Does Rob Kardashian still have a sock line?

Today, the sock line is still going strong — but not without the help of part-owner, Kris Jenner. According to W Magazine, in November 2018, Kardashian gave his mother 50% of the company in exchange for her investing capital to keep the line afloat.

How much money did the Kardashians inherit from their dad?

According to reports, Kardashian reportedly left his children with a $100 million estate in trust when he passed. Although the kids were worth millions when their father passed away, they’ve gone on to earn millions more on their own.

Where did the name Arthur George socks come from?

The Arthur George brand, the name a combination of Robert’s middle name – Arthur – also his grandfather’s name, and his father’s middle name – George – was born from Robert’s life-long passion for men’s accessories and his observations of the growing trend in vibrant streetwear, and lack of colorful, unique socks for men.

When did Kylie X Arthur George socks come out?

Kylie x Arthur George face socks, released in 2017. Predictably, though, the one who’s appeared most often on the page’s grid has been Kris Jenner, who promoted the brand to her 22 million Instagram followers as recently as last month.

When did Kris Jenner start wearing Arthur George socks?

Kris Jenner at Neiman Marcus for an unveiling of an Arthur George sock collection in Las Vegas, 2013.