What happened between Henry and Yewon?

What happened between Henry and Yewon?

Earlier this week, after the announcement of the Yewon–Henry couple leaving We Got Married, Yewon posted an apology on her Twitter. In it, Yewon apologized to: Henry; We Got Married staff; viewers; fans; and finally, Lee Tae-im. Star Empire Entertainment was quick to say there was no speaking down by Yewon.

Did Henry and Yewon get married?

Super Junior-M’s Henry has reunited with former virtual wife, Yewon! Just over a year after the couple’s final episode on the popular variety show “We Got Married,” both Henry and Yewon shared selfies on their personal Instagram accounts.

Does Henry like Yewon?

He’s a male friend and there could be dating rumors, so we have to be careful.” She added that they have the relationship of a brother and sister in real life. Yewon previously appeared on “We Got Married” and was paired up with Henry. She said, “We text or I watch his Instagram Live. That’s it.

Is Kim yewon married?

2015–present: Disbandment of Jewelry, solo activities On January 7, 2015, the group was officially confirmed as disbanded. After the disbandment of the group, Yewon joined the reality programme titled We Got Married, pairing with Canadian-born singer and actor, Henry Lau.

Is Henry married Korean?

In March 2015, Kim Yewon participated in a variety show entitled We Got Married along with Super Junior M, Henry Lau. They officially became a married couple on screen in June 2015 along with CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and Aktirs’ Gong Seung-Yeon.

What was the scandal between Kim Ye won and Lee Tae im?

The scandal between Kim Ye-won and Lee Tae-im has been well-known as one of the most popular scandals that have happened in the Korean Entertainment industry, where a small mistake turned into a huge blow-up around the media there. But before we talk about the issue let’s first get better acquainted with these two artists.

Why did Lee Tae im and Yewon leave the show?

It all started with a show called Tutoring Across Generations, where Lee Tae-im and Yewon were both members of the cast. Back in the beginning of March, it was announced the Lee Tae-im was leaving the show due to swearing at Yewon.

Why was Yewon kicked out of we got married?

Yewon (former member of Jewelry) the new participant of We Got Married got into a big scandal because of her feud with actress Lee Tae Im. MBC even cut her segment with Henry Lau last week.

Why did Lee Tae im fix his stare?

Lee Taeim: Fix your stare if you don’t want to get beat up. The fact that you’re a celebrity you’re going to forever, forever… Staff: Director!!