What happened at strathmartine hospital?

What happened at strathmartine hospital?

Strathmartine Hospital started life in the 1850s as the Baldovan Institute, an orphanage and asylum “for imbecile and idiot children”. Since closing its doors in 2003, the hospital, which occupies a sprawling area of more than 44 acres in Angus, has lain derelict and sunk into decline.

Why did strathmartine hospital close?

There was a dark side to its history too, with allegations of abuse, cruel forms of punishment and suicide in the mix. The hospital was transferred to the NHS in 1948 before it was decommissioned in stages in the 1980s. It finally closed in 2003, becoming a target for vandals and fire-raisers.

What was strathmartine hospital used for?

Strathmartine Hospital started life in the 1850s as the Baldovan Institution, an orphanage and asylum “for imbecile and idiot children”. Founded in 1852 by Sir John and Lady Jane Ogilvy, it was the first facility of its kind in Scotland.

When did Liff hospital close?

December 2001
After the introduction of Care in the Community in the early 1980s, the hospital went into a period of decline and, once services had transferred to the Carseview Centre, a modern mental health facility established in the grounds of Ninewells Hospital, the Royal Dundee Liff Hospital closed in December 2001.

Is strathmartine hospital open?

After joining the National Health Service in 1948, it was renamed Strathmartine Hospital in 1959. During the redevelopment of the site in the mid-1960s the original structure 19th century structure was demolished. It was progressively decommissioned from the late 1980s, closing completely in 2003.

Who built Ninewells Hospital?

Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall and partners
Designed by Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall and partners, the protracted construction began in August 1964. The hospital was initially designed to hold 800 beds, and the ward units were planned on the ‘race track’ principle.

Is strathmartine hospital a listed building?

Strathmartine Hospital was a health facility in Craigmaill Road, Strathmartine, Angus, Scotland. It was managed by NHS Tayside. It remains a Category B listed building.

Who is the owner of Ninewells Hospital?

Access International Ltd.
Pioneering maternity and child health care services provider Ninewells Hospital has been acquired by Access International Ltd., one of the fastest growing conglomerates in Sri Lanka.

When was Ninewells built?

Ninewells hospital is on the western edge of the city of Dundee in Scotland. When it opened in 1974 it was the first new teaching hospital to be built in the UK since the 19th century. The hospital is known for having introduced laparoscopic surgery (also known as keyhole surgery) to the UK.