What Gjs 400?

What Gjs 400?

EN-GJS-400 ductile iron, also called as nodular iron, is a very good and common cast iron. It has good tensile strength and yield strength, and the largest elongation compared with other ductile iron grades.

What grade is ductile iron?

The grades of ductile iron are as follows: Grade 60-40-18. Grade 65-45-12. Grade 80-55-06.

Is ductile iron same as SG iron?

SG Iron is also known as Ductile Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron, Spheroidal Graphite Iron and Spherulitic Cast Iron. This grade of Iron was developed over 60 years ago and in the USA. As the name Ductile Iron suggests this grade of Cast Iron has a degree of ductility.

How strong is ductile iron?

Ductile iron castings are very strong compared to regular cast iron (gray iron). The tensile strength of cast iron is 20,000 – 60,000 psi while ductile iron starts at 60,000 psi and can go to 120,000 psi.

What is the difference between GGG40 and GGG50?

GGG50 is a material with a predominantly ferritic/pearlitic base structure. In comparison to GGG40, this material is the ideal choice for applications where the level of wear and tear is higher, such as running wheels and wheel hubs (e.g. sweepers).

Is stainless steel better than ductile iron?

Ductile iron is also significantly less likely to corrode than cast iron. Stainless steel is a shiny, silver-colored metal that is minimally porous and very durable. These ferrous stainless steels alloys may have magnetic properties and be less resistant to corrosion and lose ductile strength.

Is cast steel better than ductile iron?

While there is no large difference when it comes to tensile strength, ductile iron has the greater yield strength (40 ksi). Cast steel, on the other hand, can only reach 36 ksi yield strength. As the strength of ductile iron increases ductility decreases. Ductile iron has superior shock absorption to steel.

Is steel more ductile than cast iron?

The most notable thing about its structure is that cast iron has graphite inclusions at the micro level. Mild steel is an Iron-carbon alloy containing less than 0.25 percent carbon which makes it more ductile and less hard thus rendering it unsuitable for structural work.

Which is better 400-12 or 60-40-18 ductile iron?

60-40-18 is ductile iron grade in standard ASTM A536, 400-12 is ductile iron material grade in Australia standard AS 1831. 60-40-18 is equal designation as 400-12, but just has higher elongation. In China, the equal grade is QT400-18 or QT400-15. 60-40-18 ductile iron, 400-12 cast iron properties.

Which is the highest grade of ductile iron?

60-40-18 is ductile iron grade in standard ASTM A536, 400-12 is ductile iron material grade in Australia standard AS 1831.

What are the impact requirements for ductile iron?

Ductile iron impact properties are microstructure dependent. Impact requirements are not specified in the ASTM A536 60-40-18 standard. For more information about impact testing of ductile iron please refer to the ISO 1083 standard. The impact requirement is 12J at -20⁰C.

What is tensile strength of austempered ductile iron?

Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI), discussed in Section IV, offers even greater mechanical properties and wear resistance, with ASTM Grades providing tensile strengths exceeding 230 ksi (1600 MPa).