What famous thing happened in 1982?

What famous thing happened in 1982?

The shift is so significant that Time Magazine names The Computer as the person of year in 1982. Other big news items include the opening of Epcot Center, the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Tylenol scare, the death of John Belushi, and the birth of Prince William.

What happened in 1982 in the world?

April 2: In one of the major events in 1982, thousands of Argentine troops seize the Falkland Islands from Great Britain. April 17: Pierre Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, announces the Constitution Act. April 18: Canada Constitution Act replaces the British North America Act.

What was going on in America in 1982?

June. June 8 – President Ronald Reagan becomes the first American chief executive to address a joint session of the British Parliament. June 12 – A rally against nuclear weapons draws 750,000 to New York City’s Central Park. Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen and Linda Ronstadt attend.

How old is 1982 now?

If you were born in 1982, your age is 39 years now based on Gregorian calendar.

What did things cost in 1982?


Cost of a new home: $83,900.00
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.20
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.30
Cost of a dozen eggs: $0.84
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.24

What happened in history year 1982?

Important Events in 1982 Apr 2 Several thousand Argentine troops seize the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands from Great Britain Apr 17 Proclamation of the Constitution Act by Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau May 2 Falklands War: Argentine cruiser General Belgrano sunk by British submarine Conqueror, killing more than 350 men

What significant events happened in 1982?

What Happened in 1982 Important News and Events, Key Technology and Popular Culture. What happened in 1982 Major News Stories include Michael Jackson releases Thriller Album, First CD player sold in Japan, Dutch Elm Disease destorys millions of Elm Trees, Tylenol capsules laced with potassium cyanide kill 7 in Chicago,…

What were the highlights of 1982?

Sporting Highlights for 1982. Here are some of the sporting highlights in the world of sport for 1982. The major event of this year was the FIFA World Cup in Spain, won by Italy 3–1 against West Germany. The Commonwealth Games were also held in Brisbane Australia .

What songs were hit in 1982?

Billboard Top Country Hits – 1982. 1) Just To Satisfy You – Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson. 2) I’ve Never Been To Me – Charlene. 3) Any Day Now – Ronnie Milsap . 4) Nobody – Sylvia. 5) Somewhere Between Right & Wrong – Earl Thomas Conlee . 6) You Never Gave Up On Me – Crystal Gayle .