What Eagles album was victim of love on?

What Eagles album was victim of love on?

Hotel California
Victim of Love/Album
On the on the run out groove to side 2 of the Hotel California album, scratched into the vinyl is the message: “V.O.L. is a five piece live.” This means that the song “Victim of Love” was played live in the studio by all five Eagles playing together.

Who wrote the Eagles song Victim of Love?

Don Felder
Glenn FreyDon HenleyJ. D. Souther
Victim of Love/Composers
Original versions of Victim of Love written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder, J.D. Souther | SecondHandSongs.

Did Don Felder ever sing any Eagles songs?

‘Visions’ Written by the guitarist with an assist from Henley, this riffy, Southern rock-informed rocker is the only Eagles song to feature Don Felder on lead vocals. He’ll never be confused with the group’s better-known singers, but Felder’s scorching runs on his main instrument provide plenty of gritty distractions.

Who is the lead vocals on Hotel California?

Hotel California/Artists

Felder himself provided lead vocals on the initial takes of the songs, but some of his bandmates were not pleased with the results. “Don Felder, for all of his talents as a guitar player, was not a singer,” Frey said in The History of the Eagles. Henley echoed the sentiment.

What hotel is the song Hotel California based on?

The Beverly Hills Hotel
Henley decided on the theme of “Hotel California”, noting how The Beverly Hills Hotel had become a literal and symbolic focal point of their lives at that time. Henley said of their personal and professional experience in LA: “We were getting an extensive education, in life, in love, in business.

How do you play Eagles Victim of Love on guitar?

Don Felder
Victim of Love/guitarists

Who sings with the Eagles now?

Deacon Frey and Gill will divvy up lead vocals on the songs Glenn Frey sang with the Eagles.

Who sings King of Hollywood by the Eagles?

King of Hollywood/Artists