What does the word chauffeuring mean?

What does the word chauffeuring mean?

: to drive (someone) around in a car as a job : to work as a chauffeur. : to drive (someone) in a car to a certain place. See the full definition for chauffeur in the English Language Learners Dictionary. chauffeur. noun.

What do you call a personal driver?

A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine.

What do personal drivers do?

The primary function of a Personal Driver is to provide transportation for passengers from one location to another. It is essential that they drive their passengers in a safe, comfortable and professional manner while simultaneously keeping track of navigation, traffic and timing.

How much does a chauffeur cost?

How much does a chauffeur cost? Chauffeur prices can range from $75 to $250 per hour, but most providers have hourly minimums that will bring the prices up to $225 or all the way to $1,500 for larger vehicles. Special event packages can range from $400 all the way up to a 50-person party bus for $1,800.

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What is difference between driver and chauffeur?

A driver is any operator of a motor vehicle. A chauffeur is someone employed to look after the needs of the passenger as well as the operation of the motor vehicle. A chauffeur is an experienced, licensed professional.

Do you need a license to be a personal driver?

The procedure for becoming a licensed private hire or chauffeur driver in London is governed by the Public Carriage Office (PCO). In order to operate as a driver, you will need to obtain a PCO private hire driver’s licence. TFL are legally required to issue a licence to anyone who meets their criteria.

Do you tip Blacklane drivers?

No. Tips and gratuities are already included in our rates, as well as all taxes, tolls, and fees. If a chauffeur requests any form of payment or advertises alternative services, please let us know by providing feedback after the ride.

What does it mean to be a chauffeur of a car?

1. a person employed to drive an automobile for the owner. 2. a person employed to drive a car or limousine for paying passengers. 3. to drive (a vehicle) as a chauffeur. 4. to transport by car: to chauffeur the kids to school.

How much does a chauffeur make a year?

Chauffeuring can be well paid. The annual salary for personal chauffeurs for executives and super-rich families in London averages between £35,000 and £60,000, according to Irving Scott, an upmarket household staffing agency.

Which is the best chauffeur in the UK?

The executive saloon has been voted the number one choice for the Chauffeuring and Private Hire industry thanks to its fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Stockton-based Elite Services UK, which provides luxury serviced apartments and chauffeuring services, has joined forces with Weston Aviation.

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Paul Gibson, editor of, says that, in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of companies providing security chauffeurs, with close-protection training for executives, celebrities and super-rich clients.