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What does the red line on a planning application mean?

What does the red line on a planning application mean?

The purpose of the red line is to define the application site, and should really reflect the planning unit (not the specific development). The planning unit needs to include some sort of access.

How long does planning permission take for a housing development?

Household and minor planning applications are normally decided within 8 weeks. Large or controversial developments are normally decided within 13 weeks. If an application is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment, it is normally decided within 16 weeks.

Can a Neighbour refuse planning permission?

Planning permission can be denied if your build is guilty of these offenses: Your build overshadows a neighbour, causing loss of light. Your build overlooks other homes, causing loss of privacy. Your builds appearance is out of character with the existing property.

Can you change the red line on a planning application?

As you know, Ministerial advice on the subject of amending a planning application (including the red line boundary) is that it is sensible and time saving to allow applicants for planning permission to do so provided the amendments do not materially change the character of the development.

What should a red line boundary include?

The application site should be edged clearly with a red line on the location plan. It should include all land necessary to carry out the proposed development (eg land required for access to the site from a public highway, visibility splays, landscaping, car parking and open areas around buildings).

How does the admissions process start for Red House International School?

Our admissions process starts with a visit to the campus. On this occasion, parents have the opportunity to attend a presentation by the school pedagogical board together with other families; tour the school and have questioned answered.

Is the Red House a IB World School?

In Sao Paulo, Red House is an IB World School, one of the most renowned and demanding international education accreditations whose certification is accepted by national and foreign schools and universities. It is present in more than 4,200 educational institutions in 143 countries worldwide.

When does Red House open in Sao Paulo?

In 2021, Red House will offer Early Childhood Education in all its units, and Elementary School Education at the Higienopolis Campus in Sao Paulo. Our admissions process starts with a visit to the campus.

Where is Red House International School in Sao Paulo?

Located on a 4,500 m2 lot in the heart of Higienópolis, in Sao Paulo, the school’s second campus was designed to create a rereading of the past and the contemporary, with the cooperation of parents, architects and engineers.