What does the mentor network do?

What does the mentor network do?

Our services help adults with brain, spinal cord and medically complex injuries and illnesses rebuild their lives, increase their independence and return to their homes and communities whenever possible.

Is the Mentor Network a non profit organization?

It’s a for profit business making money within non profit community. Shortly after our organization was founded, we became a for-profit organization so that we could continue to grow and offer our services to an increased number of individuals.

How is the mentor network funded?

Because The Network’s services are paid for primarily with government funds, most claims for payment for our services are subject to the False Claims Act. The MENTOR Network is committed to fully complying with the Federal FCA as well as all similar state laws.

How many employees does Mentor Graphics have?

Mentor Graphics

Type Private (Independent Subsidiary)
Revenue $1.28B USD (2017)
Net income $155 million USD (2017)
Total assets US$ 1.745284 billion (2013) US$ 1.550675 billion (2012)
Number of employees 5,968 (2017)

Is the MENTOR Network a good place to work?

Terrible uppermanagement Was this review helpful? Mentor network used to be an enjoyable place to work at before Covid. Once covid hit the company completely looked out for themselves and cared nothing about their staff. Was this review helpful?

How to register for the mentor network for free?

Choose Register for Free, enter your email address, type in The MENTOR Network under Your Company, and enter our organization code: networkperks to access discounts. Recognize a deserving Direct Support Professional, Life Skills Trainer, Certified Nurses Assistant, Personal Service Attendant or other colleague in a direct support role!

How to access iSERVE on the mentor network?

Access iServe through Ping Single Sign On (SSO) by clicking the link above or from the browser on your company computer or Chromebook by clicking MENTOR Bookmarks > MENTOR Single Sign On (Ping) and then the iServe icon. Access all your employee discounts in one place!

How to nominate colleagues for the mentor network?

Nominate a colleague who deserves recognition throughout The Network for devoting an extraordinary amount of time and energy to a local charity.