What does sangana mean?

What does sangana mean?

Sangana/Sangano-word used to describe a female or male that is acting stupid or foolish. Another word similar in Spanish is “boba/bobo”. “No te hagas la sangana.”

What does it mean when Puerto Ricans say Diablo?

Puerto Rican Slang.. ¡Ea diablo! – Literally, “Oh, devil”.

What is a Hangeo?

jangueo m (uncountable) (Puerto Rico) act of hanging out.

What does Acho mean in English?

Acho (Usually used as a conjunction to bridge between thoughts) – It comes from “muchacho”, which means “guy”, or more closely related to “man” in English slang, as in hey man, what’s up. Acho and Chacho are both abbreviations of the same word.

What does Sango mean in Puerto Rico?

masculine noun (Andes) yucca and maize pudding.

What is Diablo slang for?

Spanish for “devil.”

What does Janguear mean in Spanish?

janguear [v] PR. go out and have fun.

What is perreo in English?

perreo. Perreito in English: Grinding, Freak dancing, Booty dancing The word ‘perreo’, meaning dancing doggystyle, derives from the Spanish word perro, meaning “dog”. This is also known as “booty dancing” or “grinding” in the United States of America.

What is the meaning of the phrase ” Que Tipo “?

A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time). ¿Qué tipo de cuenta necesitas?¿De ahorro o corriente?What type of account do you need?

What does moyeto mean in Puerto Rican slang?

Moyeto – Slang for black person; Mangao– From a “mangue”, or being caught cheating and under a sure accusation. “Mamabicho’e“– cocksucker; N. Negrito/negrita – It is used as a term of endearment for any shade of Puerto Rican.

What does El hangeo mean in Puerto Rican slang?

Sign me up! Puerto Rican Slang 101- El hangeo, presseo, zandungeo. Aqui va la lista de Puerto Rican Slang para que se echen al “caucho” a leerlo. Enjoy! A calzón quitao – Literally meaning “without pants on”, it is used to mean you have nothing to hide…you can be trusted ; bluntly honest.