What does morpion mean?

What does morpion mean?

morpion (plural morpions) (obsolete) A louse.

How do you say morpion in English?


  1. Pou. morpion → crabs; crab louse;
  2. Enfant. morpion → naughty boy; pickle; brat; punk;
  3. Jeu. morpion → noughts and crosses; tic-tac-toe;

What does curate mean as a verb?

We define curator as “one who has the care and superintendence of something; especially, one in charge of a museum, zoo, or other place of exhibit,” and the verb form of curate as “ to act as curator of.” Those who are offended by the recent developments of these words feel that they should be restricted in use to such …

How do you play morpion Solitaire?

Initial pattern at 5T and 5D Morpion Solitaire, and example of a first move joining 5 crosses. Each time you add one small cross and draw its line (one and only one line), you add 1 to your score. A line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. A line can cross or touch, but cannot overlap, a previously drawn line.

How do you play Sim the pencil game?

To play Sim, begin by placing six points on a piece of paper, arranged so that they could form a regular hexagon. Each player takes turns drawing line segments to connect two of the points on the paper. The goal is to not form a triangle with three of your lines. The person who forms the first triangle, loses.

How do you play Notakto?

Play. Notakto is played on a finite number of empty three-by-three boards. Then, each player takes turns placing an X on the board(s) in a vacant space (a space not occupied by an X already on the board). If a board has a three-in-a-row, the board is dead and it cannot be played on any more.

Why do we need curator?

Often working behind the scenes in an opaque job, curators actually greatly influence the art we see in galleries and museums, and, as a result, help determine which art critics write about. “It means to preserve, in the sense of safeguarding the heritage of art. It means to be the selector of new work.

Where can I curate content?

How to curate content based on data

  • Sprout Social. Sprout’s own social media publishing solution comes with robust content curation features to find relevant and engaging posts to share with your social media audience.
  • BuzzSumo.
  • Feedly.