What does meteoric success mean?

What does meteoric success mean?

(mitiɔrɪk ) adjective. If you use meteoric when you are describing someone’s career, you mean that they achieved success very quickly.

What is the meaning of the word meteoric ?’?

1a : of or relating to a meteor. b : resembling a meteor in speed or in sudden and temporary brilliance a meteoric rise to fame. 2 : of, relating to, or derived from the earth’s atmosphere meteoric water.

Is Meteorically a word?

1. of, pertaining to, or consisting of meteors. 2. resembling a meteor in transient brilliance, suddenness of appearance, swiftness, etc.: a meteoric rise in politics.

What does the word breakneck mean?

: very fast or dangerous breakneck speed.

Why is it called a meteoric rise?

Original sense of “atmospheric phenomenon” gave rise to meteorology, now restricted to extraterrestrial objects burning up as they enter the atmosphere. So, a meteoric rise and meteors both come from a word meaning “in the air,” with no directional connotation.

What the difference between a meteor and an asteroid?

An asteroid is a small rocky object that orbits the Sun. Asteroids are smaller than a planet, but they are larger than the pebble-size objects we call meteoroids. A meteor is what happens when a small piece of an asteroid or comet, called a meteoroid, burns up upon entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Why is a rise meteoric?

describing the company’s rise as meteoric, meant to convey that it has been swift and spectacular. But meteors do not rise; they fall. They blaze briefly in the night sky and as quickly disappear. So a meteoric career is one of spectacular success followed by sudden oblivion.

What does a noogie mean?

: the act of rubbing one’s knuckles on a person’s head so as to produce a mildly painful sensation.

Why is it called breakneck speed?

And, if something were to stop the front wheel suddenly, such as a rut or object stuck in the spokes, the rider was immediately bucked forward as he rotated up over the front wheel to land squarely on his head. Hence the origin of the term “breakneck speed,” since a crash often produced truly devastating results.

What’s the meaning of high speed?

1. adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] High-speed is used to describe something that travels, moves, or works very quickly. Air travel should serve places that cannot easily be reached by high-speed rail.