What does invalid cross reference ID mean?

What does invalid cross reference ID mean?

It generally means that the objects you updated have ID fields in them that are filled with IDs that are either invalid or that your user does not have permissions to see. It’s also possible that the product ID field itself for these 4 failures is invalid or got corrupted prior to the update.

What is cross reference ID errors in Salesforce?

“Error” Invalid Cross reference key: invalid cross reference id. Salesforce cannot log this activity or update this record because the CRM ID stored in SalesLoft for that Person is no longer valid in Salesforce. This is typically the result of merged records in Salesforce.

What is Apex Data Loader?

A Salesforce data loader is a universal tool used for bulk importing and exporting of data. It provides a user-friendly UI or command line access. A data loader can input, update, and completely delete large amounts of Salesforce records.

How do I get a data loader in Salesforce?

Installing Data Loader

  1. Log in to your salesforce application.
  2. Go to setup-> Data management ->data loader.
  3. Install that downloaded file in your machine.
  4. To start data loader double click on short cut on your desktop or go to Start > all programs >saledforce.com>Apex data loader>Apex Data loader.

How do I use Apex Data Loader?

  1. Open the Data Loader.
  2. Click Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, or Hard Delete.
  3. Enter your Salesforce username and password.
  4. Choose an object.
  5. To select your CSV file, click Browse.
  6. Click Next.
  7. If you are performing an upsert, your CSV file must contain a column of ID values for matching against existing records.

How do I access data loader settings?

Configure Data Loader

  1. Open the Data Loader.
  2. Select Settings | Settings.
  3. Click OK to save your settings.

How do I find my data loader?

The Salesforce Data Loader can be installed by navigating to the setup menu in Salesforce, and heading to the Data Loader tab, here you will find download links both for Windows & Mac.

What are two capabilities of Data Loader?

Data Loader

  • An easy-to-use wizard interface for interactive use.
  • An alternate command-line interface for automated batch operations (Windows only)
  • Support for large files with up to 5 million records.
  • Drag-and-drop field mapping.
  • Support for all objects, including custom objects.

How do you Upsert data loader?

How do you save data in loader settings?

How to fix apex-invalid cross reference ID?

The opportunity variable which is shared with your visualforce page have already all the values assigned. About your error, it seems that you never assigned an account to the opportunity using the VF page. Just add some check before inserting your opportunity: The field AccountId from Opportunity refears to an Account object.

Why is it throwing invalid cross reference ID?

All the 35 user have the same profile and all User ID are of 15 digit.I have checked for each of 20 user thier 15 digits exist in org. Users are there in Org having the same ID as in CSV. Why is it throwing Invalid Cross referecnce.

What causes apex trigger distributordiscountchangetrigger to error?

Error:Apex trigger DistributorDiscountChangeTrigger caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: DistributorDiscountChangeTrigger: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.DmlException: Update failed.