What does IntelliCorp check?

What does IntelliCorp check?

IntelliCorp’s statewide criminal search products uses information provided one or more sources to search an entire state for criminal records. Our reports include details such as felony and misdemeanor records, traffic records, Department of Corrections’ records, and information from state sex-offender registries.

How long does an IntelliCorp background check take?

IntelliCorp’s background check usually takes between 3 and 5 working days.

How much does IntelliCorp cost?

IntelliCorp Specs Employment background check service IntelliCorp (which begins at $27.95 for a standard criminal history bundle) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Verisk Analytics, Inc.

What is the best background checking service?

Best Background Check Services

  • Truthfinder – Best Overall Background Check Online.
  • Intelius – Best Social Media Background Check Tool.
  • Instant Checkmate – Best Criminal Background Check.
  • Spokeo – Top Reverse Phone Number Background Check.
  • Infotracer – Best Site for Targeted Background Searches.

Is IntelliCorp considered a CRA?

IntelliCorp Records Inc. is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) and only provides business to business services.

Does Verisk Analytics drug test?

IntelliCorp’s advanced drug screening solution is available nationwide and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of the company’s drug testing products and services include hair, saliva, urine, DOT electronic scheduling, random, MRO (Medical Review Officer), post-accident, and on-site testing.

Is GoodHire a legit company?

Is GoodHire legit? Yes, GoodHire is a legit screening service that offers pre-employment and other types of background checks for small to midsize businesses. If you’re looking for an employee screening service, GoodHire might be the right fit for your company.

Are clear checks legit?

Beware of this scam company. Their fee looks low up front. But after they complete the check, they’ll tell you about all the supplemental databases they searched and charge you for them without your consent.

Is Intelius accurate?

Intelius is as accurate as possible. It pulls from public information, so its information is only as up-to-date as the public data is. That said, customers sometimes report that there is missing information in reports.

Does GoodHire call employers?

GoodHire helps employers maintain compliance by including the notification and consent steps into the secure digital portal it provides every screening candidate. GoodHire phones the employer up to five times over five business days to confirm the applicant’s tenure and job title.

What companies use GoodHire?

Who uses GoodHire?

Company Website Country
MobileIron Inc mobileiron.com United States
Renewal by Andersen Corporation renewalbyandersen.com United States
GoodHire goodhire.com United States
Telesto Group LLC telestogroup.com United States

What should I know about hiring at IntelliCorp?

At IntelliCorp, we take pride in our work and it shows through our hiring practices, from tenured employees to upfront client training: Managing your workforce is no easy feat. Know – and trust – who you’re hiring. For non-profits, the stakes are even higher to find the right candidate for your organization.

How to contact IntelliCorp for Business Continuity Plan?

We’ve implemented our business continuity plan and all staff is working remotely, so it’s business as usual. Should you need assistance, please contact IntelliCorp’s Client Service Team via chat or email.

Which is the best browser for IntelliCorp Records?

IntelliCorp Records, Inc uses procedures in full compliance with the FCRA. Note: This website works best with Internet Explorer 6.0 or better, or Firefox 3.x or better.