What does geranium signify?

What does geranium signify?

Geraniums are said to symbolize positive things, like happiness, friendship and good health. In many areas, they are a common housewarming gift for these reasons.

What do white geraniums represent?

According to a traditional belief, the white geranium a powerful protection plant. It is said that snakes and flies would never go near white geraniums. White geraniums symbolize innocence, purity and celebrations. They also promote fertility.

What do scarlet geraniums mean?

In the language of flowers, scarlet geraniums have a meaning that relates to either comfort or stupidity. However, the meaning assigned to any geranium, without reference to color, is more promising. These geraniums reflect gentility and esteem.

What flower represents determination?

Region or culture

Flower Meaning
Geranium Gentility, determination
Gladiolus Strength of character, honor, conviction
Goldenrod Encouragement
Gorse Love in all seasons

What does the smell of geraniums mean?

Geranium, A Masculine Rose From the Latin Pelargonium graveolens meaning strong-smelling. Generally, for its scent, geranium is often mistaken for ‘the other’ rose but with a less powdery and more lemony, herbaceous aroma, with a soft but potent warm green scent.

What color are geraniums?


genus name Pelargonium
flower color Purple Red Orange White Pink
season features Spring Bloom Fall Bloom Reblooming Summer Bloom Winter Bloom
problem solvers Deer Resistant Drought Tolerant
special features Low Maintenance Good for Containers

What are geraniums associated with?

Geranium Flower Meaning & Symbolism – The Essentials Geraniums symbolize happiness, good health, and friendship. The flowers are often given as housewarming gifts that bring good cheer to the home all year long. Although they are typically associated with positive emotions, this is not always the case.

What does a pink geranium mean?

Color pink symbolizes romance, love and affection as well. Because of this, pink Geraniums were used as ingredients in love potions and according to stories, they had a really strong effect.

What are the colors of a Geranium flower?

That’s why we will talk about the colors of the geranium flower. We have to say that there are many colors in which this flower can be found and each of these colors has a specific meaning and symbolism. The colors that are typical for the geranium flower are white, red, pink and purple.

What does scarlet geranium mean in Japanese language?

In the language of flowers, scarlet geranium means silliness. Find out more flower meanings here. Geraniums are known to be toxic to Japanese beetles, so you won’t have to worry about those pesky pests.

Where does the word Geranium come from in Greek?

“Geranium” comes from “geranos,” the Greek word for “crane.”. This is a reference to the shape of the seed capsule, which resembles the head and long bill of a crane.

When is the best time to plant a geranium?

Annual geraniums (pelargoniums) bloom in early spring and continue to bloom well into the fall, often blooming right up to the first frost. Geraniums can be grown in window boxes and planters on the deck, in the flower bed to add bright color throughout the summer, or inside as houseplants.