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What does brachiocephalic vein mean?

What does brachiocephalic vein mean?

The brachiocephalic veins also referred to as the innominate veins, are large venous structures located within the thorax and originate from the union of the subclavian vein with the internal jugular vein. The left and right brachiocephalic vein join to form the superior vena cava on the right side of the upper chest.

Where is the right brachiocephalic vein?

These veins descend from the neck into the superior mediastinum just posterior to the thymus gland or its remnants. The right brachiocephalic vein is formed posterior to the medial end of the right clavicle and descends vertically into the superior mediastinum.

Is the brachiocephalic vein paired?

The brachiocephalic veins, previously known as the innominate veins, are large paired valveless asymmetric central veins that drain the head, neck, upper limbs and part of the thorax and mediastinum.

How long is a person’s veins?

But if you took all the blood vessels out of an average child and laid them out in one line, the line would stretch over 60,000 miles. An adult’s would be closer to 100,000 miles long. There are three kinds of blood vessels: arteries, veins, and capillaries.

Which artery is on right side only?

The brachiocephalic artery is located only on the right side of the body; there is no corresponding artery on the left. The brachiocephalic artery branches into the right subclavian artery and the right common carotid artery.

The brachiocephalic vein, also known as an innominate vein , is a vein that returns oxygen-depleted blood from the upper limbs, neck, and head to the heart. There is a brachiocephalic vein on the…

What are the brachiocephalic veins formed of?

Brachiocephalic vein. These veins merge to form the superior vena cava, a great vessel, posterior to the junction of the first costal cartilage with the manubrium sternum. The brachiocephalic veins are the major veins returning blood to the superior vena cava .

What is the abbreviation for brachiocephalic artery?

This work by All Acronyms is licensed under a. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. International License. BCA is a shorter form of brachiocephalic artery. BCA means brachiocephalic artery. BCA is an abbreviation for brachiocephalic artery.