What do you mean by foremost?

What do you mean by foremost?

1 : first in a series or progression Safety is their foremost concern. 2 : of first rank or position : preeminent He is the foremost authority on the American Civil War period. foremost.

What are the different meanings of head?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : the upper or anterior division of the animal body that contains the brain, the chief sense organs, and the mouth nodded his head in agreement. 2a : the seat of the intellect : mind two heads are better than one. b : a person with respect to mental qualities let wiser heads prevail.

What kind of word is foremost?

Foremost is an adjective that means holding the highest position or rank.

Can you say foremost without first?

For example, First and foremost, I want to thank our sponsors, or What we need, first and foremost, is a new secretary, or We have to deal, first of all, with the early history. The first term, dating from the late 1300s, is redundant, since first and foremost mean virtually the same thing.

What is another word for first and foremost?

What is another word for first and foremost?

above all principally
primarily chiefly
predominantly mostly
mainly essentially
basically substantially

Is foremost in a sentence?

He does a little teaching, but first and foremost he’s a writer. 13. The Prime Minister was foremost among those who condemned the violence.

What is head use?

Function of the Head The head typically serves as the information processing center of the animal. Information from the sense organs and the body is relayed to the brain, which is the nerve center found in the heads of complex life forms.

Are foremost important?

The definition of foremost is something most important, highest ranking or most relevant. The most important reason behind a decision is an example of the foremost reason. Above all else; most importantly.

How do you use foremost in a sentence?

Foremost sentence example

  • That should be foremost in all of your minds.
  • He was the foremost Jewish figure of the 18th century, and to him is attributable the renaissance of the House of Israel.
  • The ice gave way under one of the foremost soldiers, and one leg slipped into the water.

Which is the best definition of the word headfirst?

head· first | \\ ˈhed-ˈfərst \\ Definition of headfirst 1 : with the head foremost dove headfirst into the waves

What’s the meaning of Headfirst in NCAA basketball?

Along the way, A&M developed into the pursued instead of the pursuer — a good thing if trying to build a perennial winner — and the Aggies ran headfirst into their old selves in their NCAA Tournament opener.

What do you mean by Shrek ran headfirst?

— Nina Huang, EW.com, 26 May 2021 In 2001, Shrek ran headfirst in the opposite direction, leaning into Y2K postmodernism, pop-culture references, a precarious blend of arch irony and heart, and a genuinely staggering amount of poop and fart humor. — Rebecca Alter, Vulture, 19 May 2021