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What do you do at max level in gw2?

What do you do at max level in gw2?

Things to do when you think you’re running out of other stuff to do:

  • Try other classes.
  • Max out specializations.
  • Max out masteries.
  • High end crafting (ascended weapons & armor, legendaries, special skins)
  • Achievement point (AP) hunting.

How long is wintersday gw2?

The opposing Guild Lord drops 10 Wintersday Gifts for each player of the winning team when he dies. To prevent exploitation, no rewards are offered if (a) the match ends after 28 minutes without either side killing a Guild Lord or (b) the battle ends in under 5 minutes (e.g. due to one team resigning or zoning).

What do you do with baubles gw2?

Baubles can be used at Shopkeepers inside the Super Adventure Box to purchase items and upgrades. Baubles can also be used to buy Bauble Bubbles from Moto in Rata Sum, which can then be used to purchase other items from him.

What is wintersday gw2?

Page Discussion. Wintersday is an annual festival which celebrates the Tyrian New Year according to the Mouvelian calendar and Dynastic Reckoning. It is the celebration of the end of the Season of the Colossus and the beginning of the Season of the Zephyr.

How do you get Winterberries in gw2?


  1. Completing each of the dailies in Bitterfrost Frontier grants 2 Fresh Winterberry for each daily.
  2. Completing each of the hearts in Bitterfrost Frontier grants 5 Fresh Winterberries for each heart.
  3. Opening Icebound Chests with a chance at Fresh Winterberries.

How do you get shiny baubles gw2?

Shiny Baubles can also be obtained as map bonus rewards from:

  1. Verdant Brink.
  2. Auric Basin.
  3. Tangled Depths.

What are shiny baubles used for gw2?

Shiny Baubles. Find the map/maps (I believe there are 2 atm) that give these as bonus rewards and play in those maps doing events/gathering other resources. These shiny baubles are vendor trash but they sell to the vendor for 30 Silver each.

What to do at level 80 in Guild Wars 2?

Endless Possibilities At Max Level. There are tons of things to do at level 80 in Guild Wars 2. You can do jumping puzzles with your friends, level a new character, or a million other things. Joining a guild also helps fill your time at level 80 in Guild Wars 2, but isn’t necessary.

Where do you spend gems in Guild Wars 2?

The amount of gems you hold is indicated in the bottom left of the inventory panel and upper left of the Gem Store. Gems may be spent on convenience or cosmetic items, or account services. Gems can be acquired by spending real-world money or from within the game for no additional cost to the player:

Which is the best guide for Guild Wars 2?

Picking up on a new MMO is a daunting task, so we made sure our Guild Wars 2 Guide is new-player friendly, and will let you understand the core concepts at once. W elcome to my Beginner’s Guide for Guild Wars 2, the MMORPG from ArenaNet & NCSoft.

Where are all the dungeons in Guild Wars 2?

There are 8 dungeons in Guild Wars 2: 1 Ascalonian Catacombs (level 35) 2 Caudecus’ Manor (level 45) 3 Twilight Arbor (level 55) 4 Sorrow’s Embrace (level 65) 5 Citadel of Flame (level 75) 6 Honor of the Waves (level 80) 7 Crucible of Eternity (level 80) 8 The Ruined City of Arah (level 80)