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What do the subdials on an Invicta Watch do?

What do the subdials on an Invicta Watch do?

Many Invicta watches are equipped with features that go beyond the telling of time and date. These functions are displayed on what are called subdials, indicators, counters or zones. Your watch may have one or more of these. Knowing them will be useful when identifying which instructions pertain to your watch. ! PLEASE NOTE .

How to reset the chronograph on an Invicta Watch?

1. Start: Press push-button A. 2. Stop: Press push-button A again and read the three chronograph hands. 3. Reset: Press push-button B. The chronograph hands will be reset to their zero positions. CHRONOGRAPHS Setting the Time and Date . After a Battery Change 1. Pull out the crown to position 1.

How long does it take for Invicta luminous markers to glow?

Tritnite® Luminous Markers: Tritnite® is an environmentally friendly luminous material used exclusively by Invicta. Tritnite® requires 4 –5 hours of exposure to light for it to glow brightly in the dark. It will continue to perform with regular exposure to light.

How often should I change the moonphase on my Invicta Watch?

Moonphase: this display assures near perfect synchronization with the lunation period, and only needs adjusting every two and a half years, should the watch never stop in that time. Power Reserve: found on automatic watches, this zone displays the hours of autonomy remaining of a movement after it has reached its winding peak.

How do you change the date on an Invicta Watch?

Pull out the crown to position 1. The watch stops. 2. Turn the crown until you reach the correct date. 3. Pull out the crown to position 2. 4. Turn the crown until you reach the correct time. 5. Push the crown back into position 0. The watch will begin running again. 12 13

How do you start an Invicta automatic winder?

To start your automatic, you can hand wind it by rotating the crown clockwise a number of turns while in its normal operating position (screw down crowns will need to be unscrewed first), or by swinging it side to side for 30 seconds. We recommend housing an automatic in a watch winder box.