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What do the new Adidas Predator soccer cleats do?

What do the new Adidas Predator soccer cleats do?

Control. Vision. Domination. Play every pass with unrivaled belief and determination with the new adidas Predator. Anticipate your opponent’s move and master control of both the game around you and the ball at your feet with these firm ground soccer cleats.

How big are the apex predator soccer shoes?

Become the apex Predator with soccer’s most iconic shoes. Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, with graphic, eye-catching designs in a dominating soccer style. A complete range of full and half sizes from 1 to 13 means you can get a lockdown fit and master tight ball control every game.

When did Adidas start making soccer cleats?

If soccer is your game, this is your cleat. Modern-day Predator cleats come from a long line of adidas soccer footwear. Adi Dassler released the first Samba in 1950 as a traction-soled soccer shoe to help players train on frozen ground.

What do you need to know about predator soccer gloves?

For the player who wants to have unrestricted contact with the ball, laceless silhouettes are the key, creating a seamless playing surface. If you guard the goal, predator soccer gloves will prove that nothing gets past you. Control the game with unmatched grip and comfort and defend your territory.

What kind of soccer cleats do you get?

With a textured 3D pattern on the upper, you’re in total control of the ball no matter what. Available in men’s, women’s and kids sizes, everyone can have an advantage.

What do the new Adidas cleats look like?

Featuring 360 degrees of adidas’ revolutionary Demonskin toe area that’s engineered to allow for maximum spin on your shots and passes. Bend the ball into the top corner of the goal with this innovative new technology. Performance is key, but hey, looks matter too.