What did Sarah Kemble Knight write?

What did Sarah Kemble Knight write?

Sarah Kemble Knight (April 19, 1666 – September 25, 1727) was a teacher and businesswoman, who is remembered for a brief diary of a journey from Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony, to New York City, Province of New York, in 1704–1705, which provides us with one of the few first-hand-accounts of travel conditions in …

Where was Sarah Kemble Knight going on her journey?

In October 1704, a Boston widow named Sarah Kemble Knight began a five-month round-trip journey to New York City to complete some family business after a cousin’s death.

How long did it take Sarah Kemble Knight to travel from Boston to New Haven?

six days
Knight persevered and after six days on the road arrived in New Haven, where she visited with relatives before resuming her trip to New York, which took an additional three days of hard travel.

Was Sarah Kemble Knight a Puritan?

Unlike many other latter-day Puritans who considered the frontier dangerous, Knight considered it challenging. The first daughter of Thomas Kemble and Elizabeth Trerice Kemble, Sarah was born in Boston. Sometime between 1688 and 1689, she married Richard Knight, who was apparently much older than she.

Which Sarah Knight book is the best?

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Who usually accompanied Mrs Sarah Knight on her trips between each of her destinations?

Terms in this set (15) On her journey, Sarah Kemble Knight was accompanied by her husband, parents, and her children as they moved to their new home in the wilderness. On her return trip home, Sarah Kemble Knight was invited to have supper with Governor Winthrop in Boston.

What did Sarah Kemble Knight write in her journal?

Fortunately, Knight kept a journal of her trip, and it provides us with one of the few first-hand-accounts of travel conditions in Connecticut during colonial times. The Private Journal of a Journey from Boston to New York, in the Year 1704. Kept by Madam Knight

Where was Sarah Kemble Knight born and raised?

Knight was born in Boston to Captain Thomas Kemble, a merchant of Boston, and Elizabeth Trerice. In 1689, she married Richard Knight. They had one child, Elizabeth.

Why did Sarah Kemble Knight travel on horseback?

Knight chose to travel with a post rider or other reliable guide, so she was never alone on the road. Still, the difficulties she encountered speak volumes about the physical dangers of long-distance travel by horseback in that era.

When did Sarah Kemble Knight return to Boston?

She returned to Boston in March, having kept along the way a detailed journal account of her travels and adventures, her food and lodgings, and the speech and customs of people she met throughout the journey. Knight remained active in business as well as legal affairs, and she also conducted a school.