What did Arfa Karim say to Bill Gates?

What did Arfa Karim say to Bill Gates?

Bill Gates’ statement on Arfa Karim’s death sums up the sorrow that has overwhelmed Pakistan. It is a black day indeed. Even though, in your case, Arfa, the phrase ‘only the good die young’ rings true, I wish you hadn’t died.

Why did Bill Gates invite Arfa Karim?

According to reports, the girl asked Gates why Microsoft did not hire people of her age. Arfa met Gates at the Microsoft’s Redmond campus. Her visit was arranged and sponsored by Microsoft to better introduce the precocious youngster to the company, and to give people at headquarters a chance to meet her.

What is achievement of Arfa Karim?

Pride of Performance
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How old was Arfa Karim when she died?

16 years (1995–2012)
Arfa Karim/Age at death

What was Arfa Karim dream?

The IT expert little girl was unique and genius who met the Founder of Microsoft Bill Gates when she won the Microsoft Certified Professional title. Arfa had many tremendous dreams for citizens just like Health, Education, a separate IT city but she died at age of 16.

What was the age of Arfa Karim’s?

Where is Arfa Karim buried?

Faisalabad, Pakistan
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What happened to Arfa Karim Randhawa?

On 22 December 2011, she suffered a cardiac arrest after an epileptic seizure that damaged her brain and was admitted to Lahore’s Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in critical condition. Randhawa died at a hospital in Lahore on 14 January 2012, aged 16.

What disease did Arfa Karim have?

Arfa Karim
Died 14 January 2012 (aged 16) Combined Military Hospital Lahore, Pakistan
Cause of death Cardiac arrest, Epileptic Seizure
Resting place Chak No. 4JB, Ram Diwali, Faisalabad
Nationality Pakistani