What coin was made in 2007?

What coin was made in 2007?

The 2007 John Adams dollar is the second issue in the Presidential $1 coin program, which launched in 2007. Depicting each of the deceased former United States presidents in the order they served, the Presidential $1 coin series has produced several error coins that are worth big bucks.

How much is a 2008 proof set worth?

2008 US Mint Proof Set Value

2008 Proof Set Value
2008-s Silver 14-Coin Set $46.25
2008-s Silver 5-Coin Quarter Set $26.20
2008-s 4-Coin Presidential Set $11.83
2008-s American Legacy Set $95.20

Does the US have $1 coins?

The one-dollar coin is the largest circulating coin; it represents 100 pennies! But the dollar coin is back in production again, only it is no longer made of silver. Kennedy Half-Dollars and dollar coins are produced as collectibles, not for everyday transactions. However, they may be still used as legal tender.

What kind of coins are in the 2007 proof set?

A separate option to purchase the five clad alloy proof State Quarters of 2007 was offered by the US Mint. One plastic case displays quarters celebrating the states entering the Union. These proof coins are a copper-nickel alloy.

How much is a 2007 US penny worth?

2007-s 14-Coin Set $16.50 2007-s 5-Coin Quarter Set $7.28 2007-s Silver 14-Coin Set $42.50 2007-s Silver 5-Coin Quarter Set $25.80 2007-s 4-Coin Presidential Set $7.00 2007-s American Legacy Set $94.00

When was the US Mint proof set issued?

An extensive proof set was issued by the Mint in 2007. With 14 coins to display it is an impressive set. An outer white cardboard – open ended – sleeve housed two separated boxes containing the proof set cases. The outer white sleeve is printed in a pale metallic gold with the US Mint Seal over italicized text.