What city is James Hubert Blake High school in?

What city is James Hubert Blake High school in?

Cloverly, Maryland
Robert Sinclair Jr. James Hubert Blake High School (or Blake High School) is a public secondary school located in Cloverly, Maryland.

Who is James Hubert Blake?

James Hubert “Eubie” Blake (February 7, 1887 – February 12, 1983) was an American pianist, lyricist, and composer of ragtime, jazz, and popular music. In 1921, he and his long-time collaborator Noble Sissle wrote Shuffle Along, one of the first Broadway musicals to be written and directed by African Americans.

How many students attend Blake High School?

Blake High School/Number of students

How much does Blake High School cost?

1,360 students attend Blake, coming from more than 59 Twin Cities’ communities. Tuition: $18,135 – $32,895 Financial Aid: $7.8 million in need-based assistance is awarded annually to approximately 23 percent of the student body.

What is Eubie Blake most famous song?

Two of Eubie Blake’s best known songs are “I’m Just Wild About Harry” and “Love Will Find A Way.” Just over 100 years after his life began, on Feb. 12, 1983, Eubie Blake died in Brooklyn, New York.

How old is Eubie Blake?

96 years (1887–1983)
Eubie Blake/Age at death

How much does Blake cost?

Blake Austin College is a Private (for-profit), Less than 2 years school located in Vacaville, California. Its published tuition & fees of the largest program are $33,575 for the academic year 2020-2021…

Why is Eubie Blake important?

Eubie Blake was one of the most important figures in early-20th-century African-American music, and one whose longevity made him a storehouse of the history of ragtime and early jazz music and culture.

How is James Hubert Blake High School doing?

The AP® participation rate at James Hubert Blake High is 61%. The total minority enrollment is 83%, and 36% of students are economically disadvantaged. James Hubert Blake High is 1 of 31 high schools in the Montgomery County Public Schools .

Where is Blake High School in Silver Spring MD?

www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/blakehs/. James Hubert Blake High School (or Blake High School) is a public secondary school located in unincorporated Montgomery County, Maryland, United States. It is located in the Cloverly census-designated place, and has a Silver Spring postal address.

What kind of classes does Blake High School offer?

Blake offers a comprehensive academic program with a signature program in a variety of classes in visual arts, dance, music, theater, contemporary arts and humanities courses to students. Blake also provides students the opportunity to take rigorous courses offering over 20 Advanced Placement Courses.

When did James Hubert Blake High School win the Mae I Graham Award?

The Maryland Association of School Libraries gave Blake High School the Mae I. Graham Award for its outstanding library media program during the 2008–2009 school year. The award letter specifically noted the library staff’s effective collaborative work between teachers and parents and the library’s excellent collection.