What can apostrophe be used for?

What can apostrophe be used for?

The apostrophe is used to replace missing letters in contractions, to indicate the possessive form of certain nouns, and to form the plural of some words in very specific situations. 1. Use an apostrophe in a contraction to indicate missing letters in words or missing numbers in a year.

What are the types of apostrophes?

The two types of apostrophes are apostrophes of possession and contraction.

What are the two main ways to use apostrophes?

The apostrophe has two, and only two, uses:

  • to show possession and.
  • to indicate the omission of letters or numbers.

Does 3s have an apostrophe?

1s and threes are simply plurals. So no apostrophe is needed.

How do you use apostrophes examples?

When using a singular noun, the apostrophe is used before the s. For example: “The squirrel’s nuts were stashed in a hollow tree.” When using a plural noun, the apostrophe goes after the s. For example: “The squirrels’ nuts were hidden in several hollow trees throughout the forest.”

What are two types of apostrophes?

There are two different kinds of apostrophes: smart and straight. To use them correctly, it helps to know how they work.

How do you show possession with apostrophe?

Apostrophes to show possession are used to create possessive nouns, which show ‘ownership’ or ‘possession’ of something. We use apostrophes to show possession by adding either the apostrophe + ‘s’ (‘s) or just an apostrophe to the end of the noun showing possession.

What are the rules for using an apostrophe?

Rules for Using Apostrophes. Apostrophes are used to show possession or omission. When writing contractions, place the apostrophe where the letter or letters are omitted. Examples: won’t, can’t, you’re wrong, he’s a great dentist. Singular possession requires an apostrophe before the “s.”.

When to use apostrophes around a word?

Use apostrophes in contractions. Sometimes, especially in informal writing, apostrophes are used to indicate one or more missing letters. For example, the word “don’t” is short for “do not”; other examples include “isn’t,” “wouldn’t,” and “can’t.”.

What are apostrophes used for?

Primarily, apostrophes are used for two purposes: omissions of letters (such as contractions) and possessives. In a few specific and rare cases, the apostrophe is also used for plurals of single letters.

When do you use apostrophes?

Use apostrophes when combining words. Contractions, or shortened groups of words, use the apostrophe to replace the missing letter. For example, if you want to connect “do not,” you can use an apostrophe to replace the “o” making the new word “don’t.” Other common words that are often combined include not, are, would, had, and will.