What area does GL53 cover?

What area does GL53 cover?

The GL53 postcode area is located in the Gloucester postcode town region, within the county of Gloucestershire, and contains a total of 906 individual postcodes.

What area is a postcode?

A postcode area is the area that your local Delivery Office delivers to. We cannot redeliver to an address outside of this area. In most cases, for example, if you live in SE25, the same postcode area would be any other postcode commencing SE25.

Where is WR postcode?

Postcode district boundaries:

Postcode area WR
Postcode area name Worcester
Post towns 7
Postcode districts 17

What is the first part of your postcode?

outward code
The first part of the Postcode eg PO1 is called the outward code as it identifies the town or district to which the letter is to be sent for further sorting. The second part of the postcode eg 1EB is called the inward code.

How to find Cheltenham area code by address?

Find postcode by address or by point doing click on map. Drag to change point. Postcode areas of Cheltenham are GL50, GL51, GL52, GL53, GL54. Post town of postcode area ‘GL’ is Gloucester. Area code (s) of Cheltenham is 01242. Cheltenham has 61m (200ft) altitude. The coordinates of Cheltenham are: 51.8993855 lat, -2.0782533 lng.

Where is the gl52 postcode in Cheltenham?

The GL52 postcode, which covers areas of north Cheltenham including Pittville, Prestbury and Bishop’s Cleeve, had 27 confirmed hospital admissions of the virus as of April 3 Invalid Email Something went wrong, please try again later.

Which is the postcode next to Cheltenham Racecourse?

A postcode neighbouring Cheltenham Racecourse had the highest number of coronavirus hospital admissions in Gloucestershire earlier this month, according to leaked official data.

What kind of country is Cheltenham United Kingdom?

Cheltenham belongs to England. England is constituent country of United Kingdom. The United Kingdom (UK) comprises four countries: England, Scotland and Wales (which collectively make up Great Britain) and Northern Ireland. A Postcode is a combination of letters and numbers which defines four different levels of a geographic unit.