What are the sanctions against Syria?

What are the sanctions against Syria?

Executive Order 13582, signed on August 18, 2011, blocks the property of the Government of Syria, provides additional authority for designating individuals and entities, prohibits new investments in Syria by U.S. persons, prohibits the exportation or sale of services to Syria by U.S. persons, prohibits the importation …

Is Syria on the OFAC list?

Further, OFAC added the Central Bank of Syria to the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN List), underscoring its status as a blocked person, and additionally identified the property of other previous blocked persons.

Who put sanctions on Syria?

Sanctions against Syria are a series of economic sanctions imposed by the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and the Arab League, mainly as a result of the repression of civilians in the Syrian civil war from 2011 onwards.

Does the UK have sanctions against Syria?

Syria is currently subject to UK financial sanctions.

Why did US impose sanctions on Syria?

The sanctions were imposed to compel the Syrian government to halt its human rights abuses on civilians and accept a peaceful political transition. For the first time, the US has targeted Bashar al-Assad’s wife, Asma al-Assad, claiming that she is “one of Syria’s most notorious war profiteers”.

Can you export to Syria?

You may export or reexport to Syria without an individual validated license if your transaction meets all the applicable terms and conditions of the available license exceptions. To determine the scope and eligibility requirements, you must review the sections or specific paragraphs of Part 740 of the EAR.

Can I send money to someone in Syria?

Unfortunately, you can’t send money to Syria. Even if you have a loved one in Syria who needs money desperately, an international money transfer to a sanctioned country is illegal in the US.

How do I send money to Syrian refugees?

Text Give to 14256 to (+1)6232GIVING / (+1)623-244-8464 to donate to Syrian Refugee Relief Fund. Message and data rates may apply.

Why are there sanctions on the Syrian government?

Sanctions related to Syria were enacted under the Special Economic Measures Act in response to the humanitarian crises and resulting breach of international peace and security in the region. The Special Economic Measures (Syria) Regulations impose sanctions against members of the current Syrian regime.

Are there any sanctions on the Assad regime?

The IWGS also welcomed the recent action taken by the United Nations in May 2013 to amend the UNSCR 1267 committee listing of al-Qa’ida in Iraq to include al Nusrah Front as an alias and condemned Hezbollah’s provision of arms, personnel, and material assistance to the Assad regime in Syria. Read the official statement here .

How does OFAC work on the Syria sanctions?

OFAC issues general licenses in order to authorize activities that would otherwise be prohibited with regard to the Syria Sanctions. General licenses allow all US persons to engage in the activity described in the general license without needing to apply for a specific license.

When did The IWGs start sanctions on Syria?

The IWGS held its first meeting in Paris, France on April 17, 2012. The nations present outlined the types of sanctions they would develop including bans on: hydrocarbon imports, infrastructure investments, arms and military equipment, travel and financial flows for individuals associated with the Syrian government.

The sanctions currently in place against Syria include an oil embargo, restrictions on certain investments, a freeze of the central bank’s assets within the European Union , and export restrictions on equipment and technology that might be used for repression.

What are the EU sanctions?

The EU takes a targeted and differentiated approach to restrictive measures (sanctions). Sanctions are preventive measures which allow the EU to respond swiftly to political challenges and developments that go against its objectives and values.

Can the EU help Syria?

The EU can play an important role in Syria, but it is impossible to achieve this only through peace talks and humanitarian assistance. Currently, the war-torn Syria needs military presence. For the EU it is achievable only in the north-eastern part of the country, where a long-term strategy would help to make the area safe and stable.

What is Syrian GDP?

Syria GDP. The gross domestic product (GDP) measures of national income and output for a given country’s economy. The gross domestic product (GDP) is equal to the total expenditures for all final goods and services produced within the country in a stipulated period of time. This page provides – Syria GDP – actual values, historical data, forecast,…