What are the Marines rules on tattoos?

What are the Marines rules on tattoos?

Marines can have “an unlimited number of tattoos” that can’t be seen when they’re wearing a physical training uniform. But they are prohibited from designs on the head, neck, mouth, wrist, knee, elbow or hand, and there are limits on the size and number of tattoos visible when in PT gear.

Is Semper Fi only for Marines?

The U.S. Marine Corps motto, “Semper Fidelis,” is legendary. However, “Semper Fi” (as it’s yelled, cheered, or used as a greeting) is not just a motto for the Marines – it’s a way of life.

What military branch will accept felons?

It’s possible to join the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard with a felony conviction. With that said, it is an uphill battle. In general, the 5 branches of the military are looking for candidates with a “sound moral character“.

When did the new Marine tattoo policy come out?

The Marine Corps Bulletin 1020, released June 2, 2016, explains the new Marine Corps tattoo policy, which replaces all previous tattoo policy guidance.

Can a person with tattoos join the Marine Corps?

If you’re thinking about joining the Marine Corps and already have some tattoos, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the latest Marine tattoo policy. If you have tattoos that violate the policy as it stands, you may not be eligible to join, or you may have to secure a waiver.

What is not allowed in the Marine Corps?

The Marine Corps tattoo policy breaks down what is not allowed on a Marine in two different ways, just like other military branches. The two methods of review for body art are A) the location of the tattoo and B) the content of the tattoo.

Where are tattoo sleeves located in the Marine Corps?

The Marine Corps defines tattoo sleeves as “the full coverage of the skin by tattoo ink” which is generally located on the arms or legs. The lone exception is if the tattoo sleeve begins on the chest or shoulder and extends below the crew neck t-shirt sleeve yet stops BEFORE the two-inch cut off at the elbow.