What are the dimensions of a Coleman stove?

What are the dimensions of a Coleman stove?

Technical specs

Best Use Camping
Average Boil Time (1L) 3 min.
Dimensions 21 x 12.5 x 4.25 inches
Distance Between Burners 11 inches
Weight 11 pounds

What’s the difference between Coleman 424 and 425?

The 424 and 414 are Dual Fuel stoves that burn both Coleman fuel and Unleaded gas. The 414 is the larger with the silver fuel tank and the 425 is the smaller with the red tank.

When was the Coleman 425 Stove made?

The “C” model of the 425 series was made in 1961, 1963 and 1964. I do not think there is any way to tell exactly when this particular one was originally sold, but it’s fun to have a forty-something year-old camping stove.

How do you date an old Coleman lantern?

Lanterns and stoves made from about 1951 to present are usually stamped on the bottom of the fount. You will see two sets of numbers; the number on the left is the month and the one on the right is the year of manufacture.

What octane is Coleman fuel?

50 to 55
Though Coleman fuel has an octane rating of 50 to 55 and a flammability similar to gasoline, it has none of the additives found in modern gasoline. Most burners will readily burn unleaded gasoline (or white gas), however.

Does Coleman fuel go bad?

Does Coleman Fuel Go Bad? An un-opened container of Coleman® Fuel stored in a dry area with no rapid extreme changes in temperature will remain viable for five to seven years. An opened container stored in the same area will remain viable for up to two years though will be at its best if used within a year.

How old is the Coleman company?

Coleman Company’s new headquarters are in Chicago, and it has facilities in Wichita, Kansas and in Texas. There are approximately 4,000 employees….Coleman (brand)

Type Subsidiary
Industry Outdoor recreation
Founded 1900
Founder William Coffin Coleman
Headquarters Chicago, IL , United States

Which is version of the Coleman 413?

My only two burner, smaller stove is a Poloron, kinda like a Thermos stove, it get used, but if you really want to cook something you do need the bigger stove. Doc, there’s a stove you don’t have in the Hobbit Hole? I don’t think there’s really any difference in performance in the various 413s.

Is the Coleman 424 a dual fuel stove?

The 424 and 414 are Dual Fuel stoves that burn both Coleman fuel and Unleaded gas. You can usually tell the Dual fuel stoves at a glance because they usually have silver fuel tanks as opposed to the red tanks for the traditional Coleman fuel only stoves, the 413 and 425 models.

What are the specs on a Coleman pop up camper?

Click on the year of your Pop Up to see the options and specification for your Coleman or Fleetwood camper. Information included is weight, tire size, height / width / length opened and closed, sleeping capacity, and much more. Here is an example from model year 1999.

What kind of griddle does a Coleman stove use?

Any part found defective because of imperfect material or work- Colemane HOW TO USE YOUR TWO-BURNER CAMP STOVE 413G NEW COLEMAN TEFLON Il GRIDDLE — 426D STOVE This versatile add-on appliance fits all Coleman stoves. Thick cast aluminum distributes heat evenly, brown Teflon Il coating prevents food from sticking.