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What are the configuration files for Quake Live?

What are the configuration files for Quake Live?

Quake Live uses the following configuration files: – repconfig.cfg: this auto-generated file contains all of your key bindings and preference settings (never manually edit this file!) – qzconfig.cfg: this auto-generated file contains other settings not listed in the repconfig (never manually edit this file!)

How to configure autoexec in Quake Live?

The GUI should take you through the whole process of actually configuring your autoexec config. The program that i had linked goes through a lot more in-depth than the actual configuration in the actual Quake Live game. It’s also a bit easier, at least i think so.

How to create a HUD in Quake Live?

Go to your Quake Live folder. Inside of the folder that has your configuration files, you’ll want to create a subfolder titled “ui” without the ” ” (quotes) – It should look something like the photo below: Now that you have created that folder, go into the previous folder that you had extracted with the .menu and .cfg file for the HUD.

Why do I need qzconfig.cfg in Quake Live?

The qzconfig.cfg is just there to save other preferences/settings that the repconfig.cfg file does not save. If you do plan on actually editing those files in the above, please have backups of the configuration files before attempting to do so.

How do you get to the console screen in Quake?

While you’re in-game, press Ctrl+Alt+~ to bring down the console screen. Type com_allowConsole “1”in the console, this will alow you to access the console by simply pressing the tilde (~) key in future. Auto-complete feature: To save time typing out commands and variables in the console, press Tabwhile typing to auto-complete it.

What do you need to know about Quake Live?

Console commands and variables are the main focus of this document. To use these, you need to either add them to suitable configuration files (i.e: autoexec.cfg) or enter them into the in-game console. How configuration files work: Quake Live uses the following configuration files: