What are the conditions for a series to be covariance stationary?

What are the conditions for a series to be covariance stationary?

A sequence of random variables is covariance stationary if all the terms of the sequence have the same mean, and if the covariance between any two terms of the sequence depends only on the relative positions of the two terms, that is, on how far apart they are located from each other, and not on their absolute position …

What is covariance stationary?

A covariance stationary (sometimes just called stationary) process is unchanged through time shifts. Specifically, the first two moments (mean and variance) don’t change with respect to time. These types of process provide “appropriate and flexible” models (Pourahmadi, 2001).

How to calculate the autocovariance?

To calculate the autocovariance function, we first calculate Cov[X[m],X[n]] Cov [ X [ m ] , X [ n ] ] assuming m . Since X[n]=Z[1]+Z[2]+… +Z[n], + Z [ n ] , we can write this as Cov[X[m],X[n]]=Cov[Z[1]+…

What is a covariance stationary time series?

A series is said to be covariance stationary if both its mean and covariance structure is stable over time. More specifically, a time series is said to be covariance stationary if: I. The mean does not change and thus constant over time.

What is the difference between covariance and autocovariance?

The covariance of X(t) and X(t + τ) is then a function of their time separation (or lag), τ. Because the covariance is that of an individual time series, it is called an autocovariance. To simplify the discussion, we will assume that the ensemble mean of x(t) is zero.

Why is non-stationary a problem?

Using non-stationary time series data in financial models produces unreliable and spurious results and leads to poor understanding and forecasting. The solution to the problem is to transform the time series data so that it becomes stationary.

What kind of variables are likely to be non stationary?

Examples of non-stationary processes are random walk with or without a drift (a slow steady change) and deterministic trends (trends that are constant, positive, or negative, independent of time for the whole life of the series).

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