What are the Carnival room categories?

What are the Carnival room categories?

Cabin Categories

  • Interior – 1A, 3J (picture window), 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4H, 4J (picture window & obstructed view), and 4K (french doors).
  • Ocean View – 6A, 6B, 6C.
  • Balcony – 7A (obstructed balcony), 7C (cove balcony), 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, 8F, and 8G.
  • Suite – JS (Junior Suite), OS (Ocean Suite), GS (Grand Suite).

What is the difference in categories on cruise ships?

There will be stateroom codes, such as D1, D2, D4, E1, E4, etc. Essentially, the difference between all the Category D staterooms is stateroom location, and potentially size of the room as well. The lower the number, the more desirable the location of the room in terms of how close it is (or is not) to mid-ship.

What location is best on a cruise ship?

The lower and more central you are in a ship, the less roll and sway you will feel. Even if you choose a balconied stateroom, choose the lowest level and the most midship one you can find. The higher decks and cabins at the very front (forward) or back (aft) of the ship will rock and roll the most.

What is Category 1A on Carnival?

Booking a Category 1A Interior Stateroom. On most Carnival ships, category 1A inside cabins feature one lower and one upper berth; essentially bunk beds versus two lower beds that are convertible to a queen. The overall square footage of the cabin is smaller, as well.

How many staterooms are there on Carnival Pride?

Carnival Pride cruise ship deck plan has 1062 staterooms for 2549 passengers served by 961 crew. There are 12 passenger decks, 6 with cabins. * Size may vary, see details below. Stateroom 6182 is modified for wheelchair users.

Which is the best suite on Carnival Pride?

Ocean Suite. A Carnival Pride suite is the ultimate way to cruise. With more space for stretching out indoors, plus a large balcony for kicking back outdoors, try an Ocean Suite to experience private, luxurious relaxation.

What kind of balcony is on Carnival Pride?

Balcony (obstructed view) An Obstructed View Balcony stateroom on Carnival Pride provides all the indoor amenities of a Carnival stateroom, as well as some of the outdoor ones as well, including your own personal outdoor space that’s great for stretching out and relaxing.

What kind of rooms do Carnival ships have?

When you’re on a Carnival cruise, you have your choice of stateroom styles and locations designated as Interior, Ocean View, Balcony or Suite. Interior staterooms: The most affordable cruise ship rooms ideal for sensitive sleepers who prefer quieter rooms away from activities, making it the perfect spot to curl up after a long day of fun