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What are some B names?

What are some B names?


  • Bobby.
  • Bella.
  • Ben.
  • Bethany.
  • Blake.
  • Beatrice.
  • Baby.
  • What is the best name that starts with B?

    Top 100 Baby Boy Names That Start With B

    Benjamin Brayden
    Brandon Braxton
    Bennett Blake
    Brody Beau
    Bryce Brantley

    What are some rare Italian names?

    Along with Nicolo and Alessio, other Italian names that are rare in the US but common in Italy include Pietro, Elia, Emanuele, Jacopo, Giorgio, Domenico, and Raffaele. Classic Italian choices that would easily translate on an American child include Federico, Adriano, Francesco, and Marcello.

    What is the rarest Italian girl name?

    Here are some rare Italian names for girls outside the top 1,000 for your little girl.

    • Agnella.
    • Ambra.
    • Balia.
    • Bambina.
    • Beronia.
    • Bolsena.
    • Bruna.
    • Capria.

    What are cute girl names that start with B?

    Baby Girl Names That Start With B

    • Bella.
    • Brielle.
    • Brianna.
    • Brooklynn.
    • Briar.
    • Bianca.
    • Beatrice.
    • Braelyn.

    What are some cute boy names that start with B?

    BABY BOY NAMES THAT START WITH B CONTINUED. Bellamy. Bodie. Benton. Berkley. Bridger. Brysen. Brighton.

    What are some names that begin with the letter B?

    Baboon. A baboon is a mammal that is mainly found in Africa and some parts of Asia.

  • Badger. Badgers belong to the families Mustelidae and Mephitidae.
  • the bald eagle is an exception.
  • Bandicoot.
  • Bison.
  • Additonal Examples.
  • What are popular Italian American names?

    Here is a pick of the top 20 Latest and modern Italian baby boy names: Leonardo: A name which resonates through the world of art and entertainment. Leonardo Da Vinci gave the name depth and character. Luca: Such a cute sounding name and perfect for bouncing, baby boy. Luca is another form of the name Lucas. Dante: A strong sounding, male name.

    What are some Italian male names?

    List of Male Italian Names. Agosto – Venerable, the exalted one. Allighiero – A noble spear. Alessandro – The protector and helper of mankind. Antonio – Worthy of praise. Angelo – An angel or saintly messenger. Aronne – Exalted. Armando – Of the army.