What are CF commands?

What are CF commands?


Command Description
push Push a new app or sync changes to an existing app
scale Change or view the instance count, disk space limit, and memory limit for an app
delete Delete an app
rename Rename an app

How do I run CF commands?

To run a task on an app with cf CLI v7:

  1. Configure your v3 API manifest with a task as a process type.
  2. Push your app by running: cf push APP-NAME –task.
  3. Run your task on the deployed app by running: cf run-task APP-NAME –name TASK-NAME.

What are the valid commands in Cloud Foundry?

This topic describes how to use the experimental Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) commands offered by the Cloud Controller V3 API….Commands.

Command Description
v3-ssh SSH to an app container instance
v3-stage Creates a new droplet for an app
v3-start Starts an app
v3-stop Stops an app

How do I access Cloud Foundry from command line?

Push an App

  1. Log in to the cf CLI by running: cf login.
  2. Navigate to the directory of the app.
  3. Push a new app or push changes to an app by running: cf push APP-NAME. Where APP-NAME is the name of the app.

What is the command to check the version CF?

Correct cf CLI Version Use the cf curl command to determine version information. All Cloud Foundry targets expose an info endpoint, which prints the release name, build number, description, and various endpoints. Run cf curl /v2/info to see this information, and look for the “min_cli_version” .

How do I find my CF version?

It’s under your user name in the upper right corner, then click settings and advanced. For PCF or CF, you can also get detailed version information from BOSH. Running bosh deployments will show you all of the BOSH releases that are part of your current deployment.

How do I install Cloudfoundry?

Download and Install the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface

  1. For Microsoft Windows, unpack the ZIP file.
  2. For Mac OS, proceed as follows: Open the PGK file. In the installation wizard, choose Continue, and then select the destination folder for the cf CLI installation. Choose Continue, and when prompted, choose Install.

What is the command to check the version?

Press the keyboard shortcut [Windows] key + [R]. This opens the “Run” dialog box. Enter winver and click [OK].

What is the purpose of under CF push command?

It is used in naming the host of an application. The first command of cf push- app name or –n command serves the purpose of naming an app for simple pushing by choosing the default way. It helps the user to push the app in a friendly way for referencing in the Foundry system.

How do I install CF tools?

Install the cf CLI Using a Package Manager

  1. Update your local package index by running: sudo apt-get update.
  2. To install cf CLI v6, run: sudo apt-get install cf-cli.
  3. To install cf CLI v7, run: sudo apt-get install cf7-cli.

How do I SSH into CF app?


  1. Select the space with enabled SSH or enable it with cf allow-space-ssh {spaceName} .
  2. Check with cf space-ssh-allowed {spaceName} if SSH is enabled.
  3. Run cf enable-ssh {appName} to enable SSH for your application.
  4. Restart your application.
  5. Use cf ssh {appName} to connect to your application.

What do you need to know about the CF command?

About the cf command The cf (configure firewall) command configures various areas such as rules, zones, and interfaces. You can use the cf command as an alternative to the Admin Console to perform most administration tasks. To accomplish a task using cf, combine the cf area with the appropriate command, optional arguments, and optional keys.

What are the experimental commands in CF CLI?

The new commands include a v3- prefix. While the syntax of some experimental commands is based on the existing cf CLI, these commands call the V3 API and support new flags to unlock additional features. Other commands expose the new primitives of apps, such as by performing operations on an app’s packages and droplets.

How can I use CF CLI in my terminal?

To be able to use CF’s CLI, you will need to download and install it either following the GitHub repository instructions or the online documentation. Once you have this setup, using your preferred terminal, have a look at the available commands: Let’s say you want to push an application to your preferred cloud IaaS, like AWS, Azure or GCP.

How to run CF push sub-step commands?

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