What aircraft does Ramstein air base use?

What aircraft does Ramstein air base use?

The missions of the 86th Airlift Wing include airlift, airfield and aeromedical operations by operating C-130J, C-40B, C-37, C-21 and C-20H aircraft. Its operations also include providing expeditionary combat support and rapid mobility for military operations throughout the KMC.

How big is Ramstein AFB?

3000 acre
Ramstein was built in 1951 which was designed by the French engineers with the help of Germans. The successful construction of the 3000 acre U.S. air base was also possible because of the help of some workers from the countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Portugal.

How many people are on Ramstein AFB?

Ramstein AB is part of the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC), where more than 54,000 American service members and more than 5,400 US civilian employees live and work.

Is there housing management office at Ramstein Air Base?

The KMC Housing Management Office is primed to support all military members and DOD civilian employees in securing a home on base (military only) or on the local economy. Upon arriving to the KMC area, you must view the mandatory housing briefings here.

How big are the units at Ramstein Air Base?

Our inventory consists of 3 and 4-story multi-unit stairwell buildings and townhouses. All units have 110 and 220 volt electrical outlets, built-in dishwasher, mini-blinds or rolladens and ceiling fans. Townhouses have small private yards and an attached garage.

How big is the housing area at Ramstein?

Personnel assigned to units within the KMC area have access to over 10,500 rental units located throughout 300 villages within a 20-mile radius or one hours’ drive of Ramstein AB. One, two, and three bedroom properties are available. Properties with four bedrooms or higher are somewhat more difficult to find.

Is there cable TV in Ramstein Air Force base?

Cable television is available at the resident’s expense (no satellite dishes or external antennas are authorized in base housing). Waterbeds and outside storage sheds are not permitted. Privately owned outside recreation equipment may be installed in the backyards of townhouses. Schools and playgrounds are located throughout the housing areas.