What age is Judy Blume appropriate for?

What age is Judy Blume appropriate for?

Amazon.com: Judy Blume – Ages 9 to 12: Books.

Is Judy Blume a real person?

Judy Blume, née Judy Sussman, (born February 12, 1938, Elizabeth, New Jersey, U.S.), American author known for creating juvenile fiction that featured people and situations identifiable to young readers.

What is Judy Blume’s nationality?

Judy Blume/Nationality

What did Judy Blume achieve?

Ever since she began writing in the 1960s, Judy Blume has taken the world by storm with her countless books for children, young adults, and adults. She is best-known for her young adult novels, which deal with controversial subjects such as puberty, sex, religion, bullying, and depression.

Are Judy Blume books still popular?

Her bestselling novels have been ushering readers from childhood to adulthood ever since, broaching important issues with wisdom and frankness. Blume, now 82, is still working—she and her husband, George, run a bookstore, and her most recent book was released in 2015. As her readers know, Blume excels at tween fiction.

What grade level are Judy Blume books for?

Judy Blume Grades 3-5.

Who raised Judy Blume?

Blume was born on February 12, 1938, and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the daughter of homemaker Esther Sussman (née Rosenfeld) and dentist Rudolph Sussman. She has a brother, David, who is five years older. Her family was culturally Jewish.

What is Judy Blume’s most famous for?

On February 12, 1938, best-selling author Judy Blume, known for her children’s books and young-adult novels, including “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” is born in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

What was Judy Blume life like?

Judith Blume was born on February 12, 1938 and grew up in a Jewish family in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She is a daughter of a dentist, Ralph Sussman and a homemaker mother, Esther. The monotony of her suburban life made her find an outlet in writing stories.

What is Judy Blume’s favorite color?


Where is Judy Blume now?

Having divorced her first husband, Blume lives in Key West, Florida, with her second husband, George Cooper, also a writer. They were married in 1987. Judy Blume continues to write for children and adults. She is also involved in a new project adopting her earlier children’s novels into home videos.

Where did Judy Blume live most of her life?

Her books, including others written for both younger and older audiences, have sold over seventy million copies around the world. Judy Sussman was born on February 12, 1938, in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

What was the name of Judy Blume’s first book?

A proponent of intellectual freedom, Blume has also penned such books as Wifey (1978) and In the Unlikely Event (2015) for adult audiences. Judy Blume was born Judith Sussman on February 12, 1938, in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

What kind of criticism Does Judy Blume get?

Although Blume’s work is consistently popular with readers, it has often been the target of criticism. Some have charged that her readable style, with its focus on small detail, lacks the depth to deal with the complicated issues that she raises.

When was Summer Sisters by Judy Blume published?

Blume’s third adult novel, Summer Sisters (1998), was widely praised and sold more than three million copies. It spent 5 months on The New York Times Bestseller list, with the hardcover reaching #3 and the paperback spent several weeks at #1. Several of Blume’s books appear on the list of top all-time bestselling children’s books.