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Must Have Items for every Digital Nomad


Being a digital nomad has never been easier than it is today. With today’s luxury of easy internet access, many companies have moved large parts of their work online. Consequently, this has led companies to allow many of their workers to work from home, or from wherever they desire. In fact, digital nomads today are more common than ever before. If you’ve ever wondered what you need to get started as a digital nomad, we’ve listed a few must-have items below,

Ultraportable laptop

Ultraportable laptops are a real asset to digital nomads. These laptops are known to be lightweight and have exceptional battery life. One of the most popular ultraportable laptops amongst digital nomads is the Apple MacBook Air. It ticks all the boxes for their needs and is very efficient. However, its brilliant use for working purposes is not the only benefit. In fact, these laptops are also perfect for entertainment, such as watching a movie on Netflix, visiting an online casino to play the Reactoonz slot, and more. The laptop of a digital nomad is extremely important to them, as they will be spending much of their time on it. Therefore, it is important for them to get one of high-quality, so that they can use it wherever they wish to, and whenever they need to.

Comfortable backpack

Why are backpacks so important to digital nomads? Well, sometimes they need to carry more than just a laptop. There are cameras, chargers, phones, and other pieces of equipment which they might need handy. Also, sometimes they need to walk a long way to find a café or workstation with Wi-Fi. Therefore, they need a big, comfortable, waterproof backpack to keep everything together safely stored.

Back-Up Chargers

Even the best laptop batteries will run out of charge eventually. If their primary charger stops working while working or travelling, that’s a problem. Usually, digital nomads tend to carry back-up charger for such scenarios. They cannot afford to go offline when they are working so far away from their colleagues and clients. The same can be said with the mobile phone chargers, they always carry an extra one!

External Hard Drive

Nowadays, laptops come with large amounts of storage. However, many digital nomads sometimes work with extremely large files, and they can take up a lot of storage space on their laptop. When digital nomads get all their work done on their laptops and depend on it, their storage space tends to decrease in time. Additionally, they cannot solely depend on all their data to be stored on just their laptops. Therefore, they should be backing-up their work on an external hard drive just in case they somehow lose all their work and data. At a minimum, they should opt for online cloud storage, such as iCloud or Microsoft OneDrive. Still, they should always carry an external hard drive, just in case their laptop storage runs out of space.

Universal travel adapter

One of the best things about being a digital nomad is that you can pack up and be in a different country within hours. However, not all countries have the same power sockets. Since digital nomads travel a lot, they need a good universal travel adapter so that their devices can easily be charged in whichever country.


In conclusion, being a digital nomad offers travellers the freedom to travel around the world and continue working. Hopefully, this list has given you an insight on some of the equipment that digital nomads tend to always have on them. Other items like a portable internet devices, noise-cancelling headphones, and cable organizers can make life easier too. Whatever you choose to take along with you, remember to enjoy the journey!