Is Yamaha R125 comfortable?

Is Yamaha R125 comfortable?

The YZF-R125 is very well laid out, making for a surprisingly comfortable machine. It doesn’t feel small, and the clip-on handlebars are rotated outward more than the previous model, as well as sitting more horizontally.

How fast does a Yamaha YZF-R125?

Key specs and dimensions

Model Yamaha YZF-R125
Torque 12.4Nm @ 8,000rpm
Top speed 75mph
Weight 140kg wet
Seat height 825mm

Is Yamaha YZF-R125 a good beginner bike?

Yamaha YBR 125 Handling is comfortable and great for learning. Quick at low speeds and will ride comfortably on a straight road at higher speeds. It’s also a lot of fun to ride, because of its ease and smoothness.

Is the Yamaha YZF R125 a 125cc motorcycle?

Yamaha, meanwhile, had a gap in their range for a 125cc sport motorcycle, and the YZF-R125 filled that gap by combining the Honda’s easy-going ride with a little bit more poke and grown up looks – it’s actually slightly bigger than the Yamaha R6 that inspired its styling! See how the YZF-R125 stacked up against the competition:

How does the VVA work on a Yamaha YZF R125?

Shorter than the main rocker, this arm follows the cam but does not act on the valves at low rpm. When 7400rpm is reached and the VVA is triggered, a solenoid pushes a metal pin through the main rocker arm, connecting it to this secondary rocker arm.

Which is the coolest feature on a Yamaha 125?

LCD display is brilliant. Digital rev counter and speed, digital fuel guage, engine temperature. for a 125, the coolest feature is the changeable trip computer, showing ride time, average speed, distance until/since service. I’ve never seen this on a 125 before.

Which is the smallest version of the Yamaha YZF?

Although this is technically the only version, the YZF-R125 is the smallest member of Yamaha’s sportsbike family, with this machine sharing styling traits with the updated-for-2019 YZF-R3, supersport YZF-R6, and YZF-R1 versions.