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Is Whiskey good for 10 year olds?

Is Whiskey good for 10 year olds?

10 year old whisky is a very popular age. Hitting double digits is an important benchmark, and for many it signifies a step up a league. Whether that holds any actual significance, 10 year old whiskies are definitely very popular, with particular favorites being Ardbeg 10 Year Old and Laphroaig 10 Year Old.

Is Arran whisky any good?

It smells casual and inviting. On the palate, Arran 10 Year is approachable but plenty flavorful, with big, sweet notes of vanilla and juicy orange—the whisky personification of a creamsicle. This is one of the most distinctly citrus-forward drams I’ve had in a while, and I can’t help but find it perfectly charming.

What is the best Arran whisky?

Best Isle of Arran Whiskies

Wine Name Grape Score
Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice Arran Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Isle of Arran, Scotland Whisky – Whiskey Malt 84
The Arran Malt Distillery 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Isle of Arran, Scotland Whisky – Whiskey Malt 88

Is Arran 10 peated?

They also bottle everything (except cask-strength releases) at a respectable 46% ABV. The 10 year-old has been made without the use of peat, although some peat is likely present naturally in the water. Nose: Green apple.

What is the best 10 year old whiskey?

7 Amazing 10 Year Old Whiskies Under $60

  • Ardbeg 10 year old—92 points, $56.
  • Bushmills 10 year old—90 points, $44.
  • Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bottled in Bond 10 year old—90 points, $33.
  • Pike Creek Rum Finish 10 year old—90 points, $30.
  • Talisker 10 year old—90 points, $50.
  • BenRiach 10 year old—88 points, $50.

Is Arran Whisky collectible?

Taking into account the youth of the distillery, many of its releases with a high WhiskyBase rating might have been undervalued at the moment and it is extremely likely that Arran whisky would significantly increase in price over time to the joy of investors and collectors….Arran Whisky — Online Auction Statistics.

Country Scotland
WhiskyBase rating 85.11

What Whisky is made on Arran?

Arran distillery is a whisky distillery in Lochranza, Scotland, Isle of Arran….Arran distillery.

Region: Island
Age(s) 10 Years, 12 Years, 14 Years, 18 years, 21 years
Cask type(s) American White Oak, Ex-Bourbon Casks (Main) Ex Sherry Casks
ABV 46%
Lochranza Blended Scotch Whisky, Robert Burns Single Malt and Blended Whisky

When did Arran Single malt whisky become famous?

Our award-winning whisky has had plenty of recognition throughout the years, even being named one of the 20 defining whiskies of the past 20 years! (Malt Advocate 20th Anniversary Issue 2011)

When did Arran 10 year old come out?

We can’t actually ship Arran 10 Year Old to you in United States at the moment. We’re working on a solution. Officially launched in 2006, this 10 year old lies at the heart of the Isle of Arran range and exudes all the honeyed richness we have come to associate with the island distillery.

What kind of cask does Arran 10 come in?

The Arran 10 is matured in a mix of bourbon casks and a small portion of refill sherry casks, with the bourbon influence being dominant both in taste and color.

Which is better Arran 10 or Johnnie Walker Black?

Arran 10 is a sweet, dominant component of Johnnie Walker Black, minus the smoke. It’s really, really good, but I miss the smoke/peat. And Johnnie Black is $20 cheaper.